Marriott Promo: Stay 2 nights, get a 35K free night certificate (highly-targeted)


Marriott has sent out a new promotion that awards a free night certificate worth up to 35,000 points after staying only two nights at Marriott properties. This promotion seems to be highly-targeted and appears either via e-mail or in the “Promotions” section of your online Marriott account.

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The Deal

  • Earn a Marriott free night certificate worth up to 35,000 points after staying two nights at any Bonvoy property with this targeted promo.

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Key Terms

  • Registration required.
  • Must complete two stays before 8/31/23.
  • A stay is defined as one or more consecutive nights spent at the same hotel.
  • Only paid rates qualify for the promotion, award nights do not.
  • A maximum of 1 Free Night Award can be earned during the promotion.
  • Free Night Award is valid for 6 months after issue date.

Quick Thoughts

This promotion was originally launched a couple of days ago and was widely-targeted to a broad swath of Marriott members. But, in typical Bonvoy fashion, this was a mistake and far more accounts were targeted than what Marriott initially intended. Folks who saw it and registered immediately were allowed to keep the promo, but it was removed from all other non-targeted accounts who hadn’t yet registered. Further exacerbating the confusion, the initial promotion terms stated that you had the rest of the month after registration as well as the month following to complete the two stays. Because of that, many folks held off registering in order to push the qualification time out…and then they ended up missing the promotion entirely once Marriott pulled the promo.

If you are targeted now (or managed to register the first time around), this promotion is terrific. A 35K cert can easily be worth $200-$300+ and getting one for only two paid stays is dynamite.

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Nic F

I feel like a moron but once again, just to understand this, two back to back nights at the same hotel, made under the same booking would qualify for this? If not someone explain and apologies for my stupidity


This is for two stays. A stay is going to a hotel, checking in for any amount of time and then leaving that hotel. It cannot be the same hotel two days in a row even on two bookings. You could book one hotel and then another hotel in the same town the next day though.


I was able to sign up for the promo when I first read about it a few days ago. Now, even though I registered at the time, I dont see that promo in my account and didnt receive any email confirming my registration. That sucks


How does one get targeted for this? I made sure to enable email offers and promos, but is there anything beyond that?


“Stay at any of our hotels and resorts worldwide participating in Marriott Bonvoy now through 09/30/2023. Get 1,500 bonus points after the first stay and 3,000 additional points after the second stay.”

I’ll stick with Hyatt


Back to back nights at same hotel would qualify?


Is this a new one or the same one that was rolled out about 2 weeks ago?


Same one roll out about 10ish days ago.