(EXPIRED) (Update: Increased To 37x) MPX: Earn 37x MileagePlus Miles On A Radisson Stay (Max 19,733 Miles)

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Update 6/9/21: MPX has increased this offer to 37 miles per dollar. They’ve also increased the maximum number of bonus miles you can earn to 19,733, so you’ll max this out when spending $533.32. That’s a fantastic offer because, as noted in the original post below, that’s on top of the 1x-2x MileagePlus miles you earn depending on which United card you pay with, cashback through a portal and points earned through Radisson Rewards.

Thanks to jeph36 in the comments for the heads up about this increased rate.


The United Visa Rewards feature in United’s MileagePlus X (MPX) app is offering 25x bonus miles per dollar when staying at a Radisson property.

MPX Radisson 37x

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires September 30, 2021.
  • Limit 1 per activation/account.
  • Maximum 8,250 19,733 bonus miles.

Quick Thoughts

This is a fairly regular offer in the MPX app, although it’s been a few weeks since the last version of the offer expired.

The offer can be found in the United Visa Rewards section of the app and so is only available if you have a Chase United card. To link the offer to your United card, tap on ‘United Visa Rewards’ and wait until the blurred images turn into images you can see. You might need to scroll down the offers until the Radisson offer appears. Once you can see the offer, it’s linked to your United card – there’s no need to click an actual link to register for the promotion.

With a maximum 8,250 bonus miles on offer, you’ll max this out when spending $330 on a stay. It’s only valid on one transaction, so if you have two or more Radisson stays before the end of September it’d be best to take advantage of this offer on the more expensive stay unless they’re both for $330 or more.

Note that in order to earn the 25x bonus miles you have to pay with your United card. That’s in addition to the regular earnings on your United card; some United cards offer 2x miles on hotel or travel purchases, so you’ll earn a total of 26x, 26.5x or 27x on the first $330 of your Radisson stay. Seeing as you’re booking directly with Radisson, you’ll also earn at least 20x Radisson Rewards points for the stay (more if you have status). Taking into account your United and Radisson earnings along with shopping portal cashback, the rewards and cashback you earn could easily be valued at ~50%.

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Did anyone actually get this? We have been calling and writing in to MileagePlus since 60 days after our our July 4th stay and keep getting the run around – having to keep sending in the offer screen cap and the hotel receipt. Also, was this to be on the total or the pre-tax per night amount?


Does this work for country inn and suites properties? With the transition to Radisson America’s, I just wanted to confirm. The link in the mpx app is just for Radissonhotels.com

Miles Man (Eric)

Add this to the 2X MPX bonus from the Unite elite choice offer up to 10,000 Miles


And the Chase spend bonus for 5x on travel and 5% cashback via TCB… I’m giving this a go even if i’m not particularly thrilled by the hotel


Yep – I see the updated 37x now on my wife’s and my own cards.


Stephen, I thought mine was at 25 miles/$ at Radisson as well, but when I just checked it shows 37 miles/$. I am not sure if this is targeted or not, but I will take it as I have a 2-night Radisson stay starting tonight.

Also the max is 19733 miles, or ~$533 spend.

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[…] MileagePlusX is offering 25x United miles on Raddison stays of up to $330 spend by September 30, but only for a single transaction. I’d move to a Radisson for an upcoming stay for this deal if it had showed up in my MileagePlusX app, but sadly I was #bonvoyed again. […]


Got a reservation in July using this. Good miles!