Necker Island Day 2


Richard Branson’s Necker island is absurdly great.  Incredible views.  Awesome food and service.  Fantastic animals…

I’ve been too busy having fun to worry about writing posts, so enjoy the following video and photos instead…

Breakfast View
Breakfast View
Breakfast (Delicious)
Breakfast (Delicious)


My new best friend
My new best friend


And, the day 2 video…


Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s home and favorite hideaway situated in the British Virgin Islands, a stunning and unspoiled area of the Caribbean.  My wife and I are currently enjoying a 1 week vacation on Necker Island.  The usual price for a Celebration Week on the island is just north of $30,000.  Instead, we paid 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles.  For additional background, please see “Considering the 1.2 million mile Necker Island challenge,” and “Days away from Necker Island.”

* The island is normally hired exclusively for up to 34 guests sharing 17 bedrooms on an all- inclusive basis. Rates start from $78,000 per night ($2,294 per person per night). It can also be shared with others during Celebration Weeks; these are held several times each year and allow guests to book individual rooms as opposed to hiring the entire island. Prices for Celebration Weeks start from $30,000 for a 7 night stay.

See also:Necker Island Day 1.

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[…] Necker Island Day 2 […]

Nikki O

Oh my god with the lemur

Nikki O
Nikki O


[…] Necker Island Day 2 […]


Also I totally want to feed a lemur!


Great to see the hobby in full action, thats why we love you. Please post a photo with Richard Branson as well !

Ken M

Slow clap . . . . . . . . . . drop mic



Wow, that place looks amazing. I’m impressed Richard Branson is hanging out with you guys. Have all the fun!



Well played Greg.

Well played.

Peter S

very nice island.


This is AWESOME!!!! I’ve been saving my VS miles for the Virgin Galactic flight (if it ever comes to fruition) but if that does not work out, Necker Island looks amazing! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to read more about it!


@ Joey – I had looked into that at one point also but it used to be that the points had to come all from flying. Did it change (hopefully!) or are you doing it with the flight miles?
That would be a fantastic redemption!


I don’t know if it’s just me but your photos in your newsletter are upside down.

Lee Ann

It’s not just you. I thought maybe he was in the Southern Hemisphere. 😉


You are making the stuff Ben does look like the minor leagues!


I’m ready to start my own challenge for Necker Island for 2018. Thanks for sharing. Looks amazing!