(EXPIRED) New Acorns promo: get a piece of the $100K pie


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Acorns is back with another referral promotion this month: get 5 friends to join and invest at least $5 and you’ll get a piece of the $100,000 pie — this month, they are splitting $100,000 amongst everyone who successfully refers at least 5 people.

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The Deal

  • Invite 5 friends to join Acorns who sign up and make their first investment by 3/31/18 and you will split $100,000 with everyone else who gets 5 friends to join

Key Terms

  • Friends must join between 3/1/18 and 3/31/18 and make their first investment of $5 or more
  • Referrals who close their account or make an investment that results in a chargeback before 4/15/18 will not qualify

Quick Thoughts

We’ve written about Acorns several times now. While there are micro investment options with lower fees, the consistent referral promotions that Acorns has been running have certainly made their platform interesting. There have also been a number of good Quick Deals lately taking advantage of Acorns Found Money (see below). How long can they keep up the big referral bonuses? I have no idea — but they have been running referral promos for quite some time now and the bonuses have posted. I think the constant promos make them worth consideration. You receive $5 for each friend who signs up (and the friend signing up also receives $5). If you refer 5 friends, you’ll receive $25 plus your share of the hundred grand — which should mitigate the fees for quite a while barring a complete meltdown of the market. With previous promos, the referral promotion has been available in your account immediately upon signup. I can’t say for sure that it will this time, but I expect it will (if someone signs up under this promo and can confirm this, let us know in the comments). You’d find your link by clicking “Invite Friends” when logged in.

I can report that I did receive the referral bonus from January in February and I was able to withdraw the money without a problem. It took 4 or 5 business days to post to my account as expected. I’ve since left a small investment to grow and will see how it goes for a while.

If you’re interested in signing up, feel free to use one of our referral links with our thanks — you’ll get $5 and so will we:

For more information on Acorns and to see some of the example deals that have sprouted in conjunction with Acorns lately, see:

Where to share your code

Our spam filter automatically blocks comments with a link. If you would like to share your referral link with others, head over to our Frequent Miler Insiders group and post your link in the comments on this deal as a reply to my first comment on the post (referral links not posted following this direction will be deleted). This helps us keep the thread open for discussion below the referral links replies and below this post here at Frequent Miler. Thanks!

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christopher ransom

I participated in the march refferal promotion for accorn. It was a good promtion since this was the first time they tried this jack pot thing. I recieved 540 dollars back including the 25 dollars i automatically recieved from inviting 5 friends. So im assuming a little over 200 ppl participated in march to share the 100,000 jack pot.
Not bad at all!
This month they are doing the same promotion as march and i do not recomend ppl trying it because by now every one has heard of the big pay day and i am predicting the orginal 200 ppl from last month to ad least double in april.
Sometimes its best to respond to investment ideas in the begening

But if you wanna give it a go even after my better judgement click my link below.

[…] month’s Acorns promotion is set up in the same way as last month’s. The reward is potentially lower than earlier promotions where you’d earn $1,000, but the […]


When we sign up with your code and invite 5 friends, do we have to use your code or our code with our friend for us to qualify for the $20,000?


Thanks for clearing up that up.


I honestly tried to give last month’s promo a go, but the amount of personal information needed to create an account is a real turnoff for people I shared it personally with. Bank Account info, SSN, Personal Idenfitying info, etc, etc. It’s great affiliate money for blogs, no doubt.

Nick Reyes

Yes, it’s a brokerage account. If you want to invest, a social security number is required the same as if you open a brokerage account at a large firm like Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Etc ( I believe that’s federal law for investment accounts). If you want to be able to move money in and out, you need to link a bank account. That turned me off initially too. As I’ve noted previously, I’ve ironically become a little less sensitive to that. But I certainly understand hesitation with it. It’s not for everyone.

Nick Reyes

By the way, as for affiliate money, there’s nothing in it for us beyond the promotions as written. No doubt their promos have been great for anyone who can find people to refer, and I appreciate people who signed up through my link. But to be clear, none of us has any further relationship with Acorns.