(EXPIRED) Acorns: Earn $1,000 When Referring 5 Friends By 6/12/21 (Targeted)

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Acorns has launched a new – and seemingly targeted – referral promotion giving $1,000 when referring five new users who each invest at least $5 by June 12, 2021.

Acorns $1,000 referral promotion

The Deal

  • Get $1,000 when referring 5 friends to Acorns.
  • If you’re new to Acorns, you can make the most profit by signing up the first member through Swagbucks. You’ll currently get 4,000 Swagbucks (worth $40) plus $5 from Acorns upon funding your account with at least $5 (direct link here). Then, you should be able to refer 5 other people and come out nicely profitable provided you’re subsequently targeted for this promotion.
  • Alternatively, feel free to use one of our referral codes with our thanks – you’ll get $5 as will we when you invest at least $5:

Key Terms

  • Friends must sign up between 12:00am PST 06/06/2021 and 11:59pm PST 06/12/2021 (the Promotional Period) and each have a verified account in good standing and make their first successful investment into an Acorns Invest Account by 06/30/2021.
  • Bonuses will be invested within 7 business days once Acorns verifies all eligibility criteria have been met.
  • Referral awards are made at the sole discretion of Acorns.
  • All referrals must be made in accordance with the Acorns Referral Agreement and Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions.
  • Limit one Bonus per Referrer.
  • Each time someone becomes a new Acorns subscriber and sets up an Acorns Invest account using your personal invitation code or referral link that you shared with them during the promotional period (June 6 – June 12, 2021) in accordance with the eligibility criteria below, you will receive a $5 investment by Acorns in your Acorns Invest account.
  • Each new eligible Acorns subscriber referred by you during the promotional period (June 6 – June 12, 2021) who completes the set up of their Acorns Invest account also will receive a $5 investment by Acorns in their Acorns Invest account.
  • These rewards will be made each time you and your referral meet the eligibility criteria below in accordance with the Acorns Referral Agreement. View Referral Promotion terms here.

Quick Thoughts

This appears to be a targeted promotion because both Greg and I have this offer on our accounts whereas Nick only has a ‘Refer three new users & get $300’ offer. Although Nick’s offer clearly isn’t as generous as this $1,000 offer, referring three people might be more achievable than referring five.

Referring five people is certainly tough to do within the space of only a week, but earning $1,000 in return for doing so is certainly a good incentive. In addition to the $1,000 you’ll earn $25 as a result of the standard $5 referral bonus per person.

It could even be worth incentivizing friends and family to sign up using your referral link. For example, you could offer each person $50 or $100 to sign up using your link. When they invest $5 they’d get $5 from Acorns along with the $50 or $100 from you which might be enough motivation to do it. Even if you gave $100 to all five people signing up using your referral, you’d still come out $525 ahead which is still an excellent reward for what hopefully wouldn’t be much effort on your part.

Once all of you have received your signup and referral bonuses, it could be worth advising your friends to close their accounts unless they’re actually interested in using Acorns in the future (perhaps to take advantage of future referral promotions) because Acorns charges a $1 monthly subscription fee for Invest accounts.

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How long does this it take for this bonus to post? I received 5 “Congrats, your friend joined Acorns and you earned $5 invested in your future” emails, 2 on June 11 and 3 on June 14 (although they all joined on June 11, with my help, so I know it was that day). Only two of the $5 referral bonuses posted to my account (on the 11th), and of course no sign of the $1000.