New Business Gold card offer without lifetime language


There’s a new American Express Business Gold offer out that’s got no lifetime language for those targeted. While the offer isn’t nearly as many of the targeted offers we’ve seen over the past year, it could nonetheless be a welcome sight for those who haven’t been targeted for previous Business Gold offers or who have ‘t been eligible for new cardmember offers.

The Deal

  • There’s a new targeted offer out for the American Express Business Gold card that yields 70K Membership Rewards points after $10K in eligible purchases in the first 3 months. It’s always worth double-checking the terms, but this targeted offer appears to have no lifetime language.
  • Direct link to this deal (you can see if you are targeted and double-check the offer terms for lifetime language)

Quick Thoughts

The Business Gold card can be a good card for some folks given the bonus category  options and the monthly statement credit for office supply store purchases.

We’ve seen some monster offers on this card in recent months, including offers of as many as 130,000 or 150,000 points after meeting minimum purchase thresholds. However, most of those offers we’ve seen have included lifetime language — meaning that if you have or have had the Business Gold card ever before, you would not be eligible for the bonus.

This new offer has no lifetime language in the terms (YMMV — always check the “Offer Terms” before applying). That could make this offer worth it for someone who has had the card before and thus wouldn’t expect to be eligible for a new bonus again. That said, I’m not sure there is a rush if you have or have had the card before — it might be better to hold off for a 130K or 150K offer that you’ll be eligible for.

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Would you say it’s worth applying to this card if you’ve never had a Amex Biz Gold previously?


Got the usual “we’re sorry, this offer is no longer available.” Oh well