Amex Business Gold 150k and Business Platinum 190K offers available online and by phone (targeted)


Update 11/17/23: The last couple of days, I’ve been finding that the Amex Business Platinum offer that appears using method #1 listed below is now showing 190,000 Membership Rewards, 20K above the offer that we initially saw. That’s an incredible offer that’s worth considering in its own right…especially if you already opened a new Business Gold within the last 90 days. 🙂

~original post follows~

There is a new, targeted welcome offer for the American Express Business Gold card that offers an incredible 150,000 Membership Rewards after $10K in spend. We’ve heard reports of this popping up in people’s accounts for a few weeks, but there were no links to access it online. Now, it looks there are a couple ways to find it, and using a “fresh” browser seems to be essential.

In addition, we’re also hearing success stories of people receiving the offer over the phone, similar to the Business Platinum’s 200K offer.

This 150K offer DOES have once-in-a-lifetime language, so those who have the card or have had it within the last 5-7 years aren’t officially eligible. That said, we’ve seen several reports of folks who shouldn’t be eligible successfully applying without getting the pop-up telling them that they’re not eligible for a welcome offer.

The Deal

  • There is a targeted offer for the Amex Business Gold card that gives 150,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $10,000 within the first 3 months.
  • There is a targeted offer for the Amex Business Platinum card that gives 190,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $15,000 within the first 3 months.

Key Card Details

(if you click on the card details you can see our card-specific page with the current public offer information, not the increased offer)

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
FM Mini Review: This card may be a keeper for those who use the monthly credits, but keep only if you also make good use of one or two 4X categories.

$295 Annual Fee (Annual fee will be $375 for applications received on or after 2/1/24)
Earning rate: Earn 4X in combined eligible purchases in the two categories where your business spends the most each billing cycle (capped at $150K spend per calendar year, then 1x): Electronic goods retailers or software and cloud system providers in the U.S. ✦ Monthly wireless telephone service charges made directly from a wireless telephone service provider in the U.S. ✦ U.S. purchases for advertising in select media ✦ U.S. purchases at gas stations ✦ Transit purchases including trains, taxicabs, rideshare services, ferries, tolls, parking, buses, and subways. ✦ 3x on eligible purchases through ✦ 1x on all other purchases. Terms apply.
Base: 1X (1.55%)
Travel: 3X (4.65%)
Dine: 4X (6.2%)
Gas: 4X (6.2%)
Shop: 4X (6.2%)
Phone: 4X (6.2%)
Biz: 4X (6.2%)
Card Info: Amex Pay Over Time Card issued by Amex. This card has no foreign transaction fees.
Noteworthy perks: Earn up to $20 in statement credits each month for eligible purchases at FedEx, Grubhub, and office supply stores. Enrollment required. ✦ Monthly Walmart+ Membership credit when you use the card to pay for monthly Walmart+ membership ✦ 25% Airline Bonus: Get 25% points back after you Pay With Points for flights with your selected airline (or premium cabin with any airline) [Note that this rebate ends 2/1/24]. Terms Apply. (Rates & Fees)
Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
FM Mini Review: This card is absolutely loaded with high end perks. Depending upon your situation, those perks may be worth the annual fee or much more.

$695 Annual Fee
Earning rate: 5X flights and prepaid hotels at ✦ 1.5X points per dollar on eligible purchases of $5000 or more (on up to $2 million of those purchases per year) ✦ 1.5x on US construction/hardware stores, US electronic goods, and US shipping ✦ 1X elsewhere ✦ Terms apply.
Base: 1X (1.55%)
Travel: 5X (7.75%)
Other: 1.5X (2.33%)
Card Info: Amex Pay Over Time Card issued by Amex. This card has no foreign transaction fees.
Noteworthy perks: Select one qualifying airline and receive up to $200 in statement credits per calendar year for qualifying charges ✦ Up to $400 a year in statement credits for Dell purchases ($200, twice-yearly) ✦ Up to $120 in wireless services credits per year ($10 per month) ✦ $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement.✦ Priority Pass membership (Lounges only) with 2 guests and other airport lounge benefits (Centurion and Delta) ✦ Rental car elite status ✦ Marriott Gold status ✦ Hilton Gold status. ✦ $189 CLEAR fee reimbursement annually ✦ 35% Airline Bonus: Get 35% points back after you Pay With Points for flights with your selected airline (or premium cabin with any airline). Enrollment required for select benefits
Using a fresh browser is key to finding the 150K Gold offer

Online Method #1

1. Open this link in a fresh browser
2. You should see a Business Platinum card welcome offer for 170,000 (or 190,000) Membership Rewards. If you don’t see this offer, reload and/or try another browser
3. Click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner
4. Click on “Most Popular Cards”
5. Choose “American Express Business Gold Card.” You should see the offer. If not, rinse, wash and repeat in another browser

(h/t: Doctor of Credit)

Online Method #2

  1. In a fresh browser, look up ‘Amex Platinum Business’ first
  2. Click the sponsored link. You should see the 170k Business Platinum offer. If you don’t, reload or try another browser.
  3. In the same tab look up ‘Amex Gold Business’ and click on the sponsored link for the Business Gold. If you don’t see the 150K offer, close the browser and start all over again.

(h/t: Frequent Miler Insiders member Nancy)

By Phone

In order to check and see if you’re targeted by phone, call the AMEX Small Business Team at (855) 531-3491 and ask about which offers are available for the Business Gold. Oftentimes, they won’t give you the best offer on the first attempt, so don’t be afraid to decline whatever they tell you first and/or specifically mention this 150K offer.

(h/t: Frequent Miler Insiders member Alicia)

Quick Thoughts

This targeted offer is more than double the current best public offer. Even if you didn’t take advantage of any bonus categories, this works out to 15x MR on $10K spend…an absolutely stellar deal. I believe this is the best offer that we’ve ever seen for the Business Gold card.

I tried all three methods and was able to find the offer using each one. I found both a 125K and the 150K offer using method #1 fairly easily using both Chrome and Microsoft Edge, with the 150K offer showing up about 40% of the time. Method #2 was less successful. I couldn’t get it to work in Chrome, but was finally able to make the 150K offer appear in Edge after seven tries. When calling the phone number, the rep verified the 150K offer, but then told me I wasn’t eligible since I already have the card. Your mileage may vary.

This Business Gold welcome offer DOES have “once-in-a-Lifetime” language. If you have had a Business Gold before (or within the last five to seven-ish years), you are not officially eligible for this offer. Remember though, that in those cases Amex will almost never do a hard pull and will let you know via a pop-up that you’re not eligible for the welcome offer before you submit the application.


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