New Capital One business credit monitoring tool


Capital One has launched a new tool for businesses to monitor their business credit. The tool looks like it works similar to existing free consumer tools, but provides a glance at the business side of your credit. To my knowledge, this tool is the first of its kind to give access on the business side, and it is open to all US business owners (not just Capital One customers).

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As with other free tools, the Business Creditwise tool will give you the ability to look at things like utilization, recently opened accounts, etc and their impact on business credit. The Capital One tool sources this information from LexisNexis (and of course with no impact to your credit for accessing it).a screenshot of a computer

While you do not need to be a Capital One customer to use the tool, you’ll need to create a Captial One login to do so. You can access this new tool and create an account here. The tool looks fairly intuitive and simple to use.

This could certainly be useful for those business owners who want to keep track of their business credit profiles, though those who apply as sole proprietors will likely want to keep an eye on the personal side as well (and there are many free existing tools for that as well). The cool part here is that Capital One is opening it to all business owners, not just its own customers. That’s surely a way to build some good will with an eye toward interesting those owners in its own business cards, but it’s nice to see them develop an easy free tool in order to do that.

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what is the link to the business creditwise? it is not available. the link you included is broken. all these dumbo bloggers jump on this news @ the same time none of them have provided a legit link to accesss it.


Capital One did a press release. It’s on PR Newswire and a ton of mainstream business sites, must’ve been embargoed till 8:30 this AM.

The link is creditwise dot capitalone dot com. Google is your friend.


Your link goes to an LH story not Capital One.