(EXPIRED) Marriott Amex Offers: $60 off $300 and $100 off of $500. (enrollment required)

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There are two new, but intertwined, Amex Offers out for Marriott Bonvoy. The first gives a $60 statement credit for a spend of $300+ on most “non-luxury” Bonvoy properties. The second offers a $100 statement credit off of $500+ spend on most of the properties that the first offer excludes, while leaving out the mainline properties included in the first offer.

Both offers are only valid in the US, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico even though the $100/$500 offer is supposedly meant for “International Luxury Brands.”

Very tricky, Bonvoy, very tricky

JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa, Mexico

The Deals

  • A new targeted Amex Offer is out to get $60 back when you spend $300 or more in one purchase at Marriott Bonvoy hotels by 12/18/2022. There may be a $250 version of this as well. (enrollment required)

  • Another targeted Amex Offer is out to get $100 back when you spend $500 or more in one purchase at Marriott “International Luxury” hotels by 12/31/2022.  Includes Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, EDITION, The Luxury Collection, W Hotels and JW Marriott. (enrollment required)

Key Terms and Conditions

  • Must first add offer to Card and then use same Card to redeem.
  • Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards are eligible.
  • Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels.
  • Your enrollment of an eligible American Express Card for this offer extends only to that Card.
  • Offer valid only on room rate and room charges at participating Marriott Bonvoy® properties in the U.S. and U.S. territories, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.
  • Excludes gift card purchases. Not valid for online retail purchases, hotel amenities, or purchases of Marriott Bonvoy® points.
  • Limit of 1 statement credit per Card Member.

For $60 off of $300 offer:

  • Excludes The Ritz-Carlton®, St. Regis®, EDITION®, The Luxury Collection®, W Hotels®, JW Marriott®, Marriott Vacation Club®, Design Hotels™, Protea Hotels by Marriott®, Marriott Executive Apartments®, Homes & Villas by Marriott International®, and Vistana™.

For $100 off of $500 offer:

  • Offer valid only on room rate and room charges at the following Marriott Bonvoy® participating hotels in the U.S. and U.S. Territories, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean: The Ritz-Carlton®, St. Regis®, EDITION®, The Luxury Collection®, W Hotels® & JW Marriott®.
  •  Excludes all other Marriott brands: Marriott Hotels®, Sheraton® Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Vacation Club®, Delta Hotels by Marriott®, Le Méridien® Hotels & Resorts, Westin® Hotels & Resorts, Autograph Collection® Hotels, Design Hotels™, Renaissance® Hotels, Tribute Portfolio®, Gaylord Hotels®, Courtyard by Marriott®, Four Points® by Sheraton, SpringHill Suites by Marriott®, Protea Hotels by Marriott®, Fairfield by Marriott®, AC Hotels by Marriott®, Aloft® Hotels, Moxy® Hotels, Marriott Executive Apartments®, Residence Inn by Marriott®, TownePlace Suites® by Marriott, Element by Westin®, Homes & Villas by Marriott International®, and Vistana™. Excludes gift card purchases.

Quick Thoughts

These interlacing offers can be tricky…make sure that you use the correct card with the offer that corresponds to the brand you’re booking at.

It’s important to note that this offer is valid only at properties in the US and US territories, along with Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. It also excludes Marriott Homes and Villas. The Protea exclusion is redundant since those are outside the US anyway.

I find the $100/$500 offer a bit disingenuous in that they specifically name it as being usable towards “international luxury brands,” but then exclude most international properties in the t&c. Those exclusions are common for Amex, but using the term “international” makes it confusing (and indeed, I’ve already seen some confusion surrounding it).

Historically, these Marriott Amex offers have been triggered by a gift card purchase at the front desk even though the terms exclude gift cards purchases. It has always been a crap shoot as to whether properties sell gift cards at all…and if they do, whether or not they’ll actually have them in stock (and then whether or not they know how to load them). It’s probably worth calling to see if a location has them before you make a trip to the hotel. If you can find one, this can be an easy way of effectively using these offers towards international and/or excluded properties (by buying GC and then using the GC to pay for the hotels).

As always, we have added this to our Current Amex Offers database.

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Marriott AMEX Offer after Q2 this year only appears on non-Marriott cards is a major bummer, especially when I had $300 Brilliant credit to burn.


There is also a $50 off $250 offer out there…new today. Was able to snag 60 off 300 and 50 off 250 on the same user (different cards)


Stayed at JW in Phoenix checking out 5/7. Paid $500 each on 4 different Amex cards where offer was saved (3 authorized users, 1 main user, all on same account). Charges hit 5/8. First $100 credit hit 5/14 and I thought the others wouldn’t post since they were all on same main account, but the other 3 hit 5/17.


I saw this offer on my card the other day and intended to use it. Now it has completely disappeared and I cant add it! Do these offers tend to do this??


I actually called AMEX and got the answer today. Apparently these offers have a cap and after a certain amount of people take the offer, they remove it. At least for my card.


I added to my card. It still disappeared. ;(


Purchased a $500 gift card at our local Ritz. Amex offer email was not sent after the purchase. Purchase has posted to my Amex Bonvoy Biz card account. I’ll report back if the offer was triggered by the purchase. In the past, I’ve never run into any issues buying GC’s at the Ritz for the Marriott Amex offers.


The $100 Amex offer credit posted 5 business days after the purchase posted.


Hi Brent, Thanks for the DP! Can you say if a GC purchased at a Ritz can be redeemed at any Marriott property or just other Ritz Carltons?


They can be used at all Marriott properties. It is best to let properties know at check-in that you plan to use a gift card and a second time the day before checkout. You will also want to check your bill at international properties that charge in a foreign currency as sometimes they will try to convert the payment to USD for charging gift cards giving you a bad conversion rate. I also highly suggest registering your gift card using the site on the back of the card in case you lose it or it is stolen.


Thanks!! I was hoping to buy one last month at my local Ritz and they told me it could only be used at a Ritz. Marriott support told me the same thing. So, I didn’t go through with it cause I dint want to be locked into a Ritz. Just to clarify though, do the gift cards you buy have Ritz Carlton or Marriott Bonvoy branding? Or does that even matter.


It has Ritz branding. I’ve used them at the St. Regis properties internationally with no problem. I believe they all use the same system, which is GiveX. If you go to Marriott’s website to check your card balance you will see it’s handled by GiveX. I don’t have one with me, but I’m pretty sure it says on the back of the gift card that it is accepted at Marriott locations.


Thanks Brent! I’m kicking myself because I was sure the last set of offers would have stacked. But now it seems AmEx has wisened to that possibility by excluding the luxury properties ($500/$100 back) from the general Marriott offer ($300/$60 back). Good to know for the future though!


We are staying at a Marriott Autograph hotel using points. We will have about $250 of parking and restaurant expenses. Would the 50 of 250 apply to these incidental expenses?


Does this stack with amex platinum $200 hotel credit?


I assume this would stack with the $300 Amex Brilliant credit though, right? If I’m correct about that, would I need to charge $350 to get the benefit of this Amex Offer, or would spending $250 get me $300 in credits, leaving me $50 in Potential credit available for a later Marriott charge?


Nice catch @Tim so glad I read this post.

I almost Bonvoy’d myself as well..

I have a four day weekend trip booked for DW’s Birthday to San Diego from PDX.

Booked the Luxury Collection US GRANT Hotel with FHR Plat credit last year.

Would have splurged a bit more on wines, deserts but the $250 deal excludes the Lux Collection ☹.

Still have the Aspire resort credits for our stay at Coronado – they won’t go far but makes for an affordable Birthday getaway

Michael Tarlow

In my experience, the luxury brands tend to be the properties that sell gift cards (i.e. Ritz Boston). I’ll be interested to see some data points before I make the hour trip to Boston.


Glad I read this! I almost bonvoyed myself. I’m staying at the Domes Miramare in a few days in Greece I was going to use this, but I think I’ll use my CSP instead since I’ve got the 15% back Chase offer.