(Expired) New Secret Kimpton Password

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A few times a year, Kimpton has a nifty (if somewhat awkard) secret password that gets you a special treat if you mention the password (or phrase) when checking in. The new Kimpton secret password for Winter 2022 is “The Snuggle is Real.”

a dog wearing a red shirt
Truffles discreetly revealing the new Kimpton password

The password is valid for stays starting today, November 25, 2022. The specific treat differs from property to property and even the same hotel might offer different surprises depending on when you visit. They can be anything from free f&b credits/drinks (the most common), free parking, room upgrades, free breakfast or, worst of all, little tchotchkes.

Stephen stayed at a Kimpton a while back and the password got him a $30 food and beverage credit. It looks like he put it to good use.

Kimpton Gray Hotel Chicago Drinks at Boleo
Drinks at Boleo, one of the Kimpton Gray’s bars

If you check into a Kimpton, be sure to say “The Snuggle is Real,” when checking in to get your reward. Let us know in the comments what you end up getting!

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The password expired. Anyone have the new one?

Tabitha Spencer

I also want the new password…


5000 points with the spin of the wheel Kimpton New Orleans

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Dave Hanson

We’re being asked to check in the day before via the mobile app..

Do we think their might be issues checking in that way, and then using the Secret Phrase once we arrive at the property to get the surprise gifts?

Betty Mc

Kimpton Sylvan Buckhead Atlanta got a $20 food/beverage credit! Yay!!!Nice hotel! Great rate for Ambassador free night!


Used it this weekend in PHX. He brought me out a gift bag of bubble bath and lotion. Wasn’t stoked, so he ended up offering me a few other options, one of which was very useful free parking!


Used the secret pw at Kimpton Monaco DC and got some socks and a xmas tree ornament.


Does this work in Europe in non-English speaking countries? I will report back with a DP in a week!


Speaking of IHG related things, it looks like the IHG Traveler card has an elevated bonus for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, now 120k. A lot still say 80k but through IHG website I see the 120k link.


Just checked into the Kimpton Nine Zero in Boston. My partner and I had rehearsed — I said, “Do you have the tickets for the hotel?”

She: “I don’t know, but the snuggle is real.”

Receptionist, after a moment: “What was that?”

Other receptionist (drolly): “That’s the new password.” Hard to work this one into conversation.

She laid out 4 mystery envelopes to pick from; I could see what was printed in each one: bottle of wine or prosecco, 10,000 IHG points, $20 food and beverage credit, or 2 snacks. Took the points — not as romantic as the bottle but potentially worth a lot more!



I also have a Kimpton stay in Dec. How would you bring it up? lol. I’ve never done it before.


When I checked in, the desk clerk said, “How is your day going?” to which I responded, “Well, the snuggle is real!” and before I knew it, I had a food/beverage credit added to my room.


I do have a Kimpton stay starting 11/25, so we’ll see! Harder to work the new phrase into conversation than the summer’s “Stay cool.”


The current password is Pick a Stick.


PERFECT timing as I have an upcoming stay on 12/26, as well as a 2-night stay in Dec. TY!


It figures. I’m staying the 20th & 21st.


me too 21st so should I try “stay cool,” ‘pick a stick,” or “the snuggle is real?”


Is Kimpton secret password good for Kimpton Margot Hotel in Sydney, Australia? We will be staying there in Jan’23.


Slightly underwhelming at the Margot in Sydney. Popcorn or ice blocks were my choices!