New Secret Kimpton Password (valid until 9/5/22)


A few times a year, Kimpton has a nifty (if somewhat awkard) secret password that gets you a special treat if you mention the password (or phrase) when checking in. The new Kimpton secret password was released a couple of days ago and it is ‘Stay Cool.”

Kimpton Secret Password

The password is valid on for stays checking in by September 5, 2022. The specific treat differs from property to property and even the same hotel might offer different surprises depending on when you visit. They can be anything from free f&b credits/drinks (the most common), free parking, room upgrades, free breakfast or, worst of all, little tchotchkes.

Stephen stayed at a Kimpton a while back and the password got him a $30 food and beverage credit. It looks like he put it to good use.

Kimpton Gray Hotel Chicago Drinks at Boleo
Drinks at Boleo, one of the Kimpton Gray’s bars

If you check in to a Kimpton between now and September 5th, 2022, be sure to say Stay Cool when checking in to get your reward…and et us know in the comments what you end up getting!


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