No joke: Tim goes full time at Frequent Miler


Note: Even though this is an April Fools post, the title is true.  Tim is now full time at Frequent Miler!

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Tim now.  That’s partly because I put a bunch of pictures of him into this post, but mostly because today Tim transitions from part time to full time at Frequent Miler.  And he’s already goofing off: he doesn’t work weekends.  Sigh.

The unideal candidate

In late 2021, I announced we were looking for someone to work 20 to 40 hours per week.  We received many fantastic applications and eventually winnowed the list to four terrific candidates: two men and two women.  I really wanted to add another woman to the team, so I loved our chances at 50/50.  But the team agreed that, despite being gender-challenged, Tim was the best fit and so I made him an offer.

The scammer

Tim asked if he could start out at 10 hours per week and ramp up to 25 “within a few months”.  That turned out to be a bit of a scam: Until now, Tim never actually increased his time beyond 15 hours per week.  But that’s OK, exploiting loopholes is practically in his job description (note to self: add that to his job description).

Scamming is now Tim’s full time job.

Job performance

Tim has proven to be an awesome addition to the Frequent Miler team.  He looks great in photoshopped team meetings like the one above, and he writes some good stuff too.

The Frequent Miler team from left to right: Carrie, Nick, Stephen, Greg (that’s me!), and Tim

Tim isn’t perfect, though.  As you can see above, he has a nasty habit of reminding me of how short I am.  I’m hoping that Tim’s extra time at the grindstone as a full time employee will shorten him eventually.  We do have precedence for this.  Nick was nearly 7 feet tall before working at Frequent Miler.

First full time assignment

Tim and his wife’s honeymoon featured a car accident, and a speeding ticket in every country they visited.  So, Tim is ideally suited for his first assignment: crash rental cars around the world to test out credit card protections.  The first rule of Crash Club, Tim: don’t hurt anyone.

To-date, Tim has become privy only to a small part of what goes on behind the scenes at Frequent Miler.  If all goes well with Tim’s car crashing assignment (what could go wrong?), he’ll be invited to Frequent Miler’s inner sanctum where he’ll be subject to enjoy rigorous training.  When he’s ready, we’ll unleash Agent Tim upon the world.  His mission: find covert travel deals and stamp out devaluations.

Welcome to full time Tim!

P.S. If you’re wondering whether this post was an April Fools joke… Ummm…  Sort of?  Tim really is starting full time as of today, but I may have taken a few artistic liberties with some of the other details in this post.

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Finally, a tall white guy catches a break!

(Just to be clear: I’m being sarcastic and mildly bitter for being on the wrong side of 6′ – Tim has been an excellent addition to FM and I’ll be genuinely glad to see more contributions from him.)

Frequently Smiling

You guys (and gal) are fantastic and I LOVE your sense of humor and thoroughly enjoyed your post. Congrats to Tim and to Frequent Miler in general for your success and growth!! I am so grateful for you and the gifts you share with all of us!! Keep up the great work!


WHY are there sooooo many stupid pictures today? Too much IMHO, 1 or 2 ok but this just looks stupid, just my opinion as I said. FM is the GOLD STANDARD of C.C. blogs,even better than mine, but this is just infantile.




Given the Photoshop skills of the FM Team, (and their fondness for practical jokes), how can we be sure that “Tim” isn’t a secret code for “Chat/GPT-generated
content”? In any case, real (wetware) or virtual (software), welcome to the
best blog on the web & keep up the great work!

Bobo Bolinsky

“Photoshop skills”? You’ve got to be kidding. Images on this blog are cringe-inducing and beyond amateur. Adds soooo much credibility.


Congratulations Tim! Suggested nasty, cheating rental car location to be exposed – Hertz Alesund Airport, Norway.


Hey Greg, I’ve been a reader for a long time, and I’ve directed countless friends to the FM credit card directory. The joke here about gender and sex change cross the line for me and give me pause about supporting you. These are jokes we may have made in the 90s when we were dumb kids. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss.


Understood and appreciate it Greg. Didn’t think you were trying to be malicious. There are people (including family members) who are struggling with difficult decisions, so it’s not as flippant or ridiculous for them.


Steve, get over yourself! I swear, people seek out ways to be offended these days.

Greg, no apology necessary.


I guess people perceived things differently. I appreciated Greg and the team hired someone based on the ability, not based on gender.


Knew this one was coming as soon as I read it…


I truly enjoy seeing how well Frequent Miler is doing and wish everyone the best especially Tim today. Cheers!


In the cover image, Tim looks like a piano player in a jazz bar. Next time, he should have a beret on.


Great post! Congratulations, Tim!!! Looking forward to more insights.


Funny post! Tim, didn’t anyone warn you not to get in too deep with these guys?

Tom Rossi

Wow, I had no idea Tim was 7 feet tall! He really should do all the economy class seat reviews.


So nothing else changed, right?


Congrats Tim! Glad to have someone representing Seattle! 🙂


Well deserved, Tim, we are lucky to have your insights.


Congrats Tim! I really liked the edgy stuff you wrote when you first started, so more of that please! 🙂

Joe Y

Congrats Tim! Glad we’ll be seeing more of you around. Always appreciate your posts.


Tim is the man, to say the least!!

Cool team photo!!


Congratulations, Tim. I think it’s a great team you’re joining.


Nice article!

Btw, on the car accident department…i rented one for my wife in ELP and she crossed into Mexico. I made 2 major mistakes: 1 – didn’t pay the extra for the amex primary car rental benefit , 2- i didn’t pay for “full coverage” for the policy dor Mexico. She had an accident (not at fault) but the Mexican insurance company (Chubb) wouldn’t pay for fixing the car unless it was done in Mexico side, but she had to come back and return it to ELP.

It ended up a major nightmare, my insurance had to pay for it, we had to pay the deductible which we sort of had reimbursed by amex secondary benefit but they mailed to subrugoation company and they shreded it because they had been made full…and never got amex to resend the check to us. Ended losing almost 2k. 0/7 would not recommend


mixing humor with seriousness….I like it!

though I can see why some might not….people take themSELVES too seriously these days. Ever heard of SELF-deception? Don’t be SELFish…..

But someday we’ll find out why that is so…..though it’s already apparent for anyone to see….

hint: use Google Ngram — type SENSE OF HUMOR

when we started labeling “it,” is that when we started losing it?

Ngram is an amazing way to uncover WHEN things / ideas took off. Very useful for uncovering causes of medical problems for instance…if you have a very strong grasp of when certain technologies or societal changes became common / started. Corrrelation is causation…with enough data points.

And this comment is sounding too serious for today! I crawl back into my hole.


This is awesome, he is very talented.