No more free shipping on cheap Saks orders [Now $200 min]

Update 3/21/23: Saks has now increased the minimum order to $200 to get free shipping. As a reminder, we originally published this post about the change from free Shoprunner to free shopping on orders over $100 in early July 2023. Now, less than a year later, they have doubled the minimum order for free shipping to $200.

This is old news (and a reader originally reached out at the end of May to bring this to our attention), but in working through a backlog of stuff we’ve had on the docket to post, I realized that we never posted about it and since Platinum card credits have reset for the second half of the year it seemed like a good time to mention it: there is no longer free shipping on orders under $100 $200.

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It used to be that Saks was part of the Shoprunner shipping program and there have long been many ways to get Shoprunner for free. Shoprunner offered free 2-day shipping and free returns, which was a great benefit that probably mostly went unheralded….until it was gone.

Saks now offers a promo code (FREESHIP) for free shipping on orders of $100 $200 or more — but that means that if you’re just trying to spend $50 to use an Amex Platinum card credit, you’re likely to get hit with a ~$10 shipping charge. That reduces the value of the credit since it means you’ll get about $40 worth of “stuff” at most if you don’t want to spend out of pocket beyond the credit.

While you’ll probably have a hard time finding anything for $50 or less in-store at Saks, it is often possible to find a plethora of things for $50 or less online (See: Amex Platinum Saks credit: What can you get with $50?). This is of course relevant for those with a consumer Amex Platinum card since you can get up to $50 in statement credits for purchases between January and June and again between July and December (enrollment required).

This was an unfortunate change. Hopefully we’ll see a promotional deal for free shipping with smaller purchases around major shopping holidays, but at this point it looks like you may be stuck using some of the credit for shipping charges if you’re shopping online.

H/T: Reader Sarabjit.

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Just another nail in the coffin with Amex Platinum. The coupon book is getting weaker. XM radio is gone and others are being devalued.


some serious cheapskates here.


A shame they now require spending $200 and getting free returns on $100 of goods…


See you back here in 6 months for a $8.99 restocking fee


I’ll just order $200 worth of stuff and return $150. Easy enough. Same as before but now I have to ship back three times as much.


I miss shoprunner! Why did they part ways?..It means I won’t Order anything but will visit physical store to use the $50 plat Amex credit!!


Saks returns are a nightmare, fraudulent process. We are closing 1 of 2 of our Plat cards because of this. Do not do business with this company.


Yup, returned the same exact item but they claimed it was a fake. Wouldn’t be surprised if they sent me the fake to begin with. Absolute nightmare to deal with theses scammers.


Wow, that is wild.


So people are buying stuff they will intentionally return to get around the free shipping issue and then are upset with Saks claiming stuff is fraudulent? Getting scammed while you are trying to scam someone else. Hmmm.


I never said I did that? I bought one thing to keep but ended up wanting to return it. Saks paying you for damage control?


“Platinum card credits have reset for the second half of the year” on 21 March? What?


Hard to give the Amex platinum credit much value with this change. I’m not going to spend $200 on an order, so now it cost $9.95 to use a $50 credit. Between this, removal of free guest access for centurion lounges, new limits on using SkyClubs, slashed digital entertainment credit, and later rollout date for next year FHR bookings… it’s getting pretty hard for me to justify paying the $695 AF.


It’s not for peasants to be sure


I think free shipping now is $200. Yikes.


Enough with the ridiculous, chin diaper selfies already.

IT expert

Get your own blog. It’s his blog so he can put whatever selfies he likes. If you don’t like it go elsewhere


Maybe not worth the effort to everyone…. but wouldnt you be able to buy $100 worth of stuff, get free shipping, and return $50 worth of stuff? I work around the corner from a saks so i’d more likely return in person but not sure I’m missing anything

BZR Rosey

Pretty weak. Saks has got to be the most overpriced store I’ve ever shopped – $50 of deeply discounted sale stuff @Saks is really worth like $10 from any other competing online merchant so the Amex Plat discount was a very minor bonus with free shipping included. Having to pay $100+ to get free shipping basically makes it worthless – which I’m sure is what they’re going for (breakage).


How do you split an online $100 purchase between two Plats and exercise the $50 credit on both cards? I was trying to figure this one out, but ended up paying for shipping on 2 separate orders. ‍♂️

GoBucketYourself Chris

Snag in-store $50 gift cards… 🙁


I believe “split tender” (using more than one form of payment in a single transaction) is only available with Saks in store.


Long as they have their $40 V Neck Tshirts in many colors…


Man first Dell takes off xbox gc’s and then physical video games you could resell, now saks ahaha. I bet you next they’ll take out credit card splitting so that you can’t use multiple plats!


Don’t give ’em any ideas.