Now up to 60K bonus miles with Frontier Airlines Mastercard


Barclays has increased the welcome bonus on the Frontier Airlines Mastercard. While we previously saw a bonus of 50K miles and a $100 flight voucher, the offer has since switched to one yielding up to 60,000 bonus miles. Given that this new offer requires $1500 more spend, I’m not sure that this marks an improvement. Still, if you’re ultimately after a lot of Frontier miles, this is your best way to get them quickly.

The Offer & Key Card Details

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Card Offer and Details
Up to 60K miles ⓘ Non-Affiliate
Up to 60K miles: 40K miles after $500 in purhcases & payment of the annual fee in the first 90 days + 20,000 miles after $2K in total purchases in first 6 months.
$89 Annual Fee
Earning rate: 5X at ✦ 3X restaurants
Base: 1X (0.95%)
Dine: 3X (2.85%)
Brand: 5X (4.75%)
Card Info: Mastercard World issued by Barclays. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Big spend bonus: $100 discount voucher after $2,500 in annual spend.
Noteworthy perks: ✦ Keep miles from expiring with one purchase every six months. ✦ Earn 1 elite qualifying mile per dollar spent ✦ No award redemption fee when taxes/fees are paid for with the card.

Quick Thoughts

As noted above, I’m not particularly excited about the offer change here (though, in fairness, I’m not sure I can imagine the Frontier Airlines Mastercard offer that would make this card feel exciting). The old 50K +$100 flight voucher offer only required $500 in spend. While the increase in spend isn’t necessarily a huge barrier, I’m just not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. The miles could potentially buy you a bit more than $100 worth of Frontier Airlines flights, and obviously having the miles necessary for an award you want may be a more important barrier, but given that you’re missing out on putting that $1500 extra in spend on a card that earns a better return, I just don’t think this increase makes the card more attractive for most people. Still, again, if you need Frontier miles for a specific redemption, this offer does give you more of them at least.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Issued by Barclays, no thanks.


After a dozen or so Frontier flights over a few years, I swore to myself that I’d never fly them again. I will pay 2-3x for a non-Frontier flight, or I just won’t take the trip.


Is there a way to transfer a bunch of Frontier miles to someone else? That we be the greatest revenge gift ever.