Earn Hyatt elite night credits & points when buying Mr & Mrs Smith gift cards


About a month ago World of Hyatt launched a new promotion giving elite night credits and bonus points when buying Mr & Mrs Smith gift cards. Greg and Nick discussed the offer on the podcast, but it turns out we never actually wrote about the promotion on the blog, so here you are!

Mr & Mrs Smith MesaStila Plantation Villa (image courtesy of IHG)
Mr & Mrs Smith MesaStila Plantation Villa (image courtesy of IHG)

The Deal

  • Buy Mr & Mrs Smith gift cards from a promotional link & earn the following:
    • 5 base points per dollar
    • One elite night credit for every $300 of gift cards you purchase
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • To participate in the offer, you must be a World of Hyatt member in good standing and make a qualifying purchase of a Mr and Mrs Smith gift card through this link between October 26, 2023 and March 31, 2024.
  • For qualifying purchases, except for those made with World of Hyatt points, you can earn:
    • Five (5) World of Hyatt base points per eligible dollar spent on a qualifying gift card
    • One (1) Tier Qualifying Night credit for every $300 USD spent on a qualifying gift card
  • Purchases made with these gift cards toward hotel stays will not be eligible for additional World of Hyatt Base Points.
  • Gift cards can only be used to pay for a room reservation at the time of booking with Mr and Mrs Smith through https://www.mrandmrssmith.com/. Cards cannot be redeemed while at the hotel and cannot go towards any extras.

Quick Thoughts

When first reading about this offer a few weeks back when it launched I was less than whelmed. It turns out that Greg and Nick had the same view on the podcast. While I appreciate that Hyatt is trying to reward World of Hyatt members for stays at Mr & Mrs Smith properties while they work on integrating them into the program, it’s not exactly the most enticing of opportunities.

The reason why is due to some of the small print. When buying the gift cards you earn points, as well as elite night credits for every $300 you spend. However, when it comes to redeeming the gift cards you can only do that at MrAndMrsSmith.com which means that you can’t double dip on points earning and elite night credits. That’s fair enough, but it removes some of the incentive to buy these. You can buy these gift cards using Hyatt points but a) that’s poor value and b) you won’t earn points or elite night credits.

The other key sticking point is that these gift cards can only be redeemed for stays at Mr & Mrs Smith properties – none of Hyatt’s other brands unlike how Hyatt gift cards work. If you’re going to tie up your money in Mr & Mrs Smith gift cards, you’ll want to have a very good idea of when you’ll be redeeming them for paid stays. You can also only redeem the gift cards towards the room rate ahead of time; you can’t pay for room charges, food, spa treatments, etc. during your actual stay with these cards.

That’s not to say that this is a worthless promotion though. If you know that you have Mr & Mrs Smith stays on the horizon, buying these gift cards in order to also earn Hyatt points and elite night credits certainly makes sense. It could be particularly handy during December if you find yourself short of a night or two for Globalist status. Being able to buy a $300 Mr & Mrs Smith gift card at the end of the year to push you from 59 elite nights to 60 for Globalist status and the associated Milestone Rewards at that level would be worth it even if you didn’t ever get a chance to use the gift card for a stay. Booking a mattress run night at a category 1 Hyatt property would make more sense in that scenario, but that might not be an option if you don’t have any cheap Hyatt properties near you.

Another nice feature of this gift card offer is that the points you earn are base points rather than bonus points. The only way to get lifetime Globalist status is to earn 1 million base points which equates to $200,000 of lifetime spend with Hyatt on pre-tax room rates. That’s a substantial amount, so being able to inch closer by buying these gift cards could be handy for some people who are on their way to spending that much.

Note that payment for these gift card purchases appears to be processed by a company called Redeam. That means it’s unlikely to code as a travel purchase, nor will it code as 4x on a World of Hyatt credit card. Update: There’s a good surprise here. Kirk has confirmed in the comments that buying these gift cards did earn 4x points on his World of Hyatt card, plus he earned the 30% bonus points from having Globalist status. That’s a total of 10.5 points per dollar which makes this more rewarding if you were planning on buying these gift cards anyway. Another commenter has shared that they also earned American Airlines AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points due to their partnership with Hyatt.

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