Now view your American Express card number online [Targeted]


Doctor of Credit reports a tip from that some American Express cardholders are now able to view their card number in their online Amex login. That’s a great development for people who are able to see it, though in my household this functionality was not yet available in our accounts.

To see if you’re eligible, log into your American Express account and click on account services, then choose card management. On the following screen some cardholders are reporting an option to “view card number online”. As noted at the top, neither my wife nor I have this option in our accounts. It is worth noting that the menu options differ between consumer and business cards. I’m not sure whether this is mostly rolling out for consumer cards or business cards to start..

Regardless, this is a great change for those eligible. There have been numerous times where there’s an Amex Offer I’d like to use or a card benefit I’d like to take advantage of and I need the card number but don’t have the specific card in my wallet at the moment when I need it. Being able to view my card number online would be very useful and in fact has been very useful in certain situations with other issuers.

Unfortunately, since this capability is only rolling out to some customers, I’m not sure whether this is something that’s intended for the broader audience of card members. I have long been able to view our Capital One card numbers within our Capital One logins and I have both written about that and created a Youtube video about how to find it but I frequently get comments both from people who are unable to see their Capital One card numbers online. I have no idea how Capital One targets who can see it and who cannot, but it seems that even though I’ve had that capability for many years now, some people never get it. Therefore, it’s hard to say whether Amex will do the same and only roll this out for certain card holders with no obvious rhyme or reason or whether this is something coming on a broader scale.

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Amex offers virtual card number with Chrome browser for a while. It is intended for single purchases.


I checked 3 of my Amex cards. Only one has it available


Why not just put the card info in a secure online place? I do that, protected by 2FA and so on.


If you have a Samsung phone, you can locally store pictures of all your cards in an encrypted folder. It’s called Secure Folder. It’s a built-in feature.


I don’t understand why this “feature” is that useful. Don’t you also need the card’s expiration date, and more critically, the CVV code (which I doubt any issuer would display it on a web page)?