Capital One lets you see your credit card number online


Capital One lets you view your entire credit card number and details like expiration date and CVV code online from your desktop browser or you can create a virtual number in the app. Here is a video that shows you exactly how to do it:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either been away from home or otherwise not had handy the precise credit card I want when I’d like to use it. Sometimes I resort to just using a card number that I have memorized even if it isn’t the best for a particular purchase. While a Capital One card isn’t always that card that I’m reaching for in those situations, it is nonetheless a great feature to be able to access the info you need online.

See your Capital One card number online

Note that within the Capital One app, you can alternatively create a virtual card number. Simply log in to the Capital One app, pull up your card account, scroll to the bottom menu options (underneath your recent transactions) and click where it says “View” next to Virtual Card.

See your Capital One card number online

Then Capital One will generate a temporary virtual number.

See your Capital One card number online

Of course, there is a security concern to be had in this: someone who hacks your account could potentially get your credit card information. They do require you to enter a code from email or text message in order to view the card number, so there is at least some 2-factor authentication.

See your Capital One card number online

Overall, this is a 21st-century customer-friendly move. While I’m sure some will have security concerns with this, the truth is that there are so many data breaches these days that this doesn’t seem much riskier to me than using my credit card on a day to day basis. The convenience factor here is high – it would be great to see other issuers follow suit.

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Worked for me just now




If I apply for the Capital card while overseas will they fedx me my new card? or when they send an e/m of approval can I see my card nbr. cvc etc


Will they send “only” to my USA address?


My wife has a 401k from a previous job and we logged on today to find an account number, including looking at statements and couldn’t find one. There must be one but it seems to be well hidden.

A lot of stuff is done for security but it is maddening at times. And if you lose your cell phone it is a PITA to deal with accounts and stuff. There needs to be a better way other than to send text messages to a phone number.

My father recently passed away and all of his security codes go to his land line.


To everyone saying you can’t view your number, you can. I literally just did it. Go to the main screen and click on the card (I have multiple cards, so it might only be this way for me). Scroll down and you’ll see a section called “Card Number”. Click on it and you can see all your info. I’d share a screenshot but I can’t.


Maybe that’s the confusion in the comments here – I don’t have that section available on my Venture X card


And in the end you never even specified where exactly to find it, you just posted a screenshot of a screen no one knows how to locate, ya dumb fuck. Thanks for nothing.

[…] 8. Capital One lets you see your credit card number online […]


this is bullshit. you are telling us nothing at all. click bait.

Siera Zizzy

This is an old discussion post.
In the new update that’s current, you can no longer view it sadly.

Sia Latonioa

This is true. It does work and I’ve used it many times but recently I have not been able to do this on my account but my husbands still works. If someone lost access then they would need to call capital one to find out why. It could be their password needs to be updated or account might have been compromised.

No name

So you weren’t going to tell us how to do that? Just that we can? Lol

Siera Zizzy

This is an old discussion post.
In the new update that’s current, you can no longer view it sadly.


Should this page not be removed being the complete load of bullshit that it is


This a dumb ass post, HOW DO YOU SEE YOUR CARD NUMBER ON THE APP????????????????? its not what you think about it!


i think they took it away, i used to be able to do it and now i cant

Taylor Flatt

Tutorial on how to do this

Trudi Case

I need my capital one platinum card full number ending in 8547


Interesting, I don’t have that option in my account.


It seems to have disappeared. I used it for years and with the app update… It’s now gone.

Terry Holliday

I just discovered this a few minutes ago myself. Grrr. they are probably trying to get us to migrate to the new digital number that it can create to combat fraud.


Did you ever find where you can see the full card number? I can’t find it. I’m using a desktop and not the app. Thanks


Did you ever find out how to activate this? Mine disappeared and I cannot get it back

Arnold S

I found this section that you’re talking about but there is no button to click to get your card number. If I understand this correctly, the only way to get a virtual card number is to buy something online and then the Eno pop-up comes up and generates the number that is only valid at that one merchant. Is this the case?

[…] Capital One lets you see your credit card number online by Frequent Miler. […]

[…] recently, Capital One began displaying your card number permanently on the web and in the app (1), so it should now be available for everyone […]


Another possibility would be to have only your virtual card number accessible through the app. This number would be different than that of your regular card, so if one or the other became compromised, you wouldn’t be totally SOL.


“ Capital One lets you view your entire credit card number and details like expiration date and CVV code online. That could be very useful if you’re looking to make an online purchase and don’t have your card handy.“

I have photos of the front and back of every CC of mine, wife, and son in my phone. Also health/dental cards, S/S cards, museum memberships, insurance cards, driver’s license, everything.

Has saved my bacon many times.


I highly recommend 1Password for password management to protect all of your accounts and logins.

A secondary benefit of 1Password is that all of the information for your credit cards is always with you.

The data sync across all platforms (phone, tablet, computer).