Targeted Amex Offer – $20 off $100+ at Office Depot/Officemax


office depot amex offer

American Express has released yet another very nice targeted offer, this time for Office Depot and Officemax.

The Offer

Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $100+ in one or more transactions in-store at Office Depot OfficeMax or online at by 10/21/2016.

Key Terms

  • Valid at any participating location in the US and US Territories.
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases.
  • Valid in-store and online at US website only. Excludes military stores, Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP), invoicing, MaxAssurance, Office Depot Foundation, Grand & Toy. Enrollment limited.


Please see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

HT: Danny the Deal Guru

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Can you split tender at OfficeMax/Depot? I think I have multiple AMEX cards with this offer, so I might like to use more than one a time to take advantage of the concurrent $15 off $300 Mastercard promo.

David L

1 for 1 on biz card — which makes it 2 for 2 with AU 🙂

[…] This deal should stack with the recent targeted Office Depot/Officemax Amex Offer. […]


NOPE — my oh-for-forever streak with potentially good amex offers for normal folks continues…. Do any readers here actually get them? (happens we cancelled our two amex bzns cards — is that it? Anybody getting them on personal cards?)


I didn’t get on any of my 3 biz cards either…


Not targeted, but would tweeting them for the offer? Never tried that.

Eric hendler

No e-gift cards but what about vgcs?


Got it only on Business card as well


Nice Find. Same pattern, 4 for 4 on business cards across three users. 0-17 on personal card.


Once I accept an offer on one of my cards, it is no longer even shown on my other cards… how do u get the offer accepted on multiples?


You need to have each card opened in their own tab, that way when the offer disappears on the first tab it’s still there on your other tabs.




You can make a few bucks buying GCs and selling them. Not much, but it’s easy money.