Park Hyatt Zanzibar Royal Residence for 30K points per night


Following my post “Most exciting Hyatt premium suites bookable with points in the US,” I’ve been researching the most exciting bookable-with-points premium suites outside the US.  While I’m wrapping up that research I thought it would be fun to let you in on a super cool find.  At the Park Hyatt Zanzibar, you can book the 3-bedroom $3,000/night Royal Residence suite for only 30,000 points per night!  As if that’s not enough, the Park Hyatt Zanzibar offers another droolworthy option for 30K points: the Zamani Presidential Suite.  More information about each of these is below.

The Park Hyatt Zanzibar gets great reviews and is located in historic Stone Town (a UNESCO heritage site).  It’s also worth reading Live and Let’s Fly’s 2017 review of the property.  I’ve never been to Zanzibar, but I’m suddenly more interested than before…

Royal Residence

Royal Residence living room
  • Cash price: $2,940 per night
  • Point price: 30,000 Hyatt points per night
  • Basics: 3 bedroom; 4300 square feet; private elevator; Up to 7 guests

Hyatt’s website describes the Royal Residence as follows: “Enjoy total serenity in this 400 sq m three-bedroomed suite with two kings and one twin bed. It offers the exclusivity of a private elevator, a fully equipped kitchen and a 12-seat dining room. Complimentary breakfast included for a stay booked only under the Standard Rate or Advance Purchase Rate. Not applicable for upgrades and points redemption.”

It’s too bad that free food is not included when you book with points, but everything else about this suite seems amazing.  How cool would it be to book your family or a group of friends into this suite?

Royal Residence Dining Room. Wow!
Royal Residence Bedroom (1 of 3!)

Zamani Presidential Suite

Zamani Presidential Suite hall and dining room
  • Cash price: $1,940 per night
  • Point price: 30,000 Hyatt points per night
  • Basics: 1 bedroom; 4,850 square feet; Outdoor terrace and garden; Outdoor shower; Up to 3 guests.

Hyatt’s website describes the Zamani Presidential Suite as follows: “Delight in panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Stone Town in this 450 sq m suite with one king bed, an outdoor shower and an expansive outdoor terrace and garden. Complimentary breakfast included for a stay booked only under the Standard Rate or Advance Purchase Rate. Not applicable for upgrades and points redemption.”

Like the royal villa, free breakfast is not included with a points reservation, but this still seems awesome.  It’s crazy to think that this one-bedroom suite is even larger than the Royal Villa 3-bedroom suite.  If traveling as a couple, I’d opt for this suite since the extra bedrooms in the other suite would be wasted on us.  Plus, the outdoor terrace and garden sounds very nice (but I haven’t yet found good photos of them).

Zamani Presidential Suite balcony
Zamani Presidential Suite bedroom
Zamani Presidential Suite bathroom
Zamani Presidential Suite balcony
Zamani Presidential Suite living room
Zamani Presidential Suite outdoor shower

Bottom Line

Hyatt offers the option to book premium suites for twice the rate of a single room.  Individual hotels vary widely in the types of premium suites they offer and in which ones are available to book with points.  It’s rare, but not unheard of, for a Hyatt to allow booking their top of the line luxury suite with points.  The Park Hyatt Zanzibar offers not just one but two spectacular suites for points.  The irony with the 3 bedroom Royal Villa is that you can book it as a way to save points.  A regular room costs 15,000 points per night whereas the Royal Villa costs 30,000 points per night.  If you were planning to book 2 separate rooms, the Royal Villa would cost the same.  If you were planning to book 3 separate rooms, you’ll save 15,000 points per night by booking the Royal Villa!

One small downside to booking the Royal Villa or Zamani Presidential Suite with points is that breakfast then isn’t included.  However, if you have Hyatt Globalist elite status (or a friend with Globalist status who can book a Guest of Honor stay for you), you’ll get free breakfast and more.  See our World of Hyatt Complete Guide for details about Globalist status and Guest of Honor bookings.

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Gary Wyatt

Booked the Zamani Suite on points for three nights in February 2021. Was debating between the Royal Residence and the Zamani as there are 4 of us. The Hospitality Manager recommended the Zamani over the Royal Residence, and offered the other couple an upgrade from a standard room to the suite adjoining the Zamani. Haven’t stayed yet but already impressed. Also while the booking terms on the site suggest that breakfast is not included in the points redemption, my confirmation indicates that breakfast and dinner are included. we will see and I will provide an update after the trip.

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I’ve stayed at this hotel two years ago. Redeemed points, shame I didn’t know about suite bookings! I would definitely recommend visiting here. Fun fact, Zanzibar used to belong to Oman, another one of my favorite countries!


I stayed there once and absolutely loved the hotel and town. It is one of my favorite hotels in the world, up there with the PH Vienna and IC Da Nang Sun Peninsula. I used a suite upgrade and received a Park Suite King, which was wonderful, so I can imagine how nice these higher-tier suites are. The breakfast is fantastic, by the way, so it’s a shame it’s not included in these rates.

I am scheduled to travel to that part of the world in early Fall, and was looking forward to returning to the hotel, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Tanzania is open for tourists, even Americans, but many questions have been raised about their response to the pandemic, so I would exercise significant caution on the ground were I to travel there. The #1 issue for me, however, is that South Africa, my initial destination, is completely closed. Oh well, I can’t complain given the circumstances.

Let’s keep flattening the curve!

Last edited 1 year ago by MFK

when will be allowed to get there again??? sounds great


Is Dar es Salaam safe to travel through? It was questionable before covid.


Cool, will be looking forward to travel again in 2023