(EXPIRED) Hotels.com lottery-like promo: $1500 in gift cards & an epic robe for $150 on 7/24 at noon (10 available)

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Hotels.com has a crazy promo coming up on Friday that is akin to getting a winning lottery ticket or getting struck by lighting, but ten people are going to get zapped on Friday at noon, so I’ll be out there holding a metal pole giving it a shot. You’ve got to hand it to the Hotels.com marketing team on this one because it is just too funny not to share: on Friday at noon, they are selling an epic road trip robe that comes with its own “hotel safe” pocket with lock, a “minibar” pocket stocked with snacks, free Wi-Fi, Hotels.com Gold status, and a $1500 Hotels.com gift card. They are only selling 10 of these for $150 each, so they will sell out instantly.

The Deal

  • Hotels.com is offering a “Road trip robe” with $1500 in Hotels.com gift cards and a bunch of other bells and whistles (including Hotels.com Gold status) for $150 this Friday, July 24th at 12:00pm Eastern time (note: only 10 of these are available, so it will be akin to winning the lottery)
  • Direct link to this promotion

Key Details

  • The Hotels.com Robe Trip Robe will be sold for $150.00 USD.
  • The Hotels.com Robe Trip Robe will ship only in the US and will go on sale beginning at 12:00 PM ET on July 24, 2020.
  • Ten (10) total Hotels.com Robe Trip Robes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The robes will not be replenished once they have sold out.
  • Limit one (1) robe purchase per customer.
  • The purchase of a Hotels.com Road Trip Robe also comes with a Hotels.com digital gift card valued at $1,500.00 USD. You may not request cash or a substitute for the gift card; however, Hotels.com reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal or greater value.
  • The digital gift card will be sent via email to the purchaser no later than Friday, August 14.
  • The purchase of a Hotels.com Road Trip Robe also grants the purchaser Hotels.com Gold Status for one (1) year from date issued.
  • You must be a Hotels.com Rewards ® member in order to purchase the Hotels.com Road Trip Robe.
  • The Hotels.com Gold Status will be applied directly to your account no later than Friday, August 14. You can sign up for a rewards account for free by visiting Hotels.com/profile/signup.html Shipping. If you purchase the Hotels.com Robe Trip Robe, it will be shipped to you to arrive no later than Friday, August 14.

Quick Thoughts

Neither you nor anybody you know has any reasonable shot of getting one of these robes, but if you try to click on Friday at noon you have more than a zero chance, which will be enough for me to refresh like a maniac and click as quick as I can on Friday.

The robe itself is pretty hilarious in my opinion. Check out the pics they provided:

The press release was well done also. From their description:

This wearable hotel suite brings all the perks of a hotel to your car including “suite” hotel upgrades so you can travel comfortably from one hotel to the next. The plush terrycloth robe’s features include:

  • Stocked minibar pocket with must-have road trip snacks (read: Slim Jims, Twinkies, Combos, etc.) and hand wipes to avoid cheese-dusty fingers
  • Locked safe pocket, just like you’d have in your hotel suite, to store valuables in between stays
  • Free built-in Wi-Fi for your copilot to pass the hours in the car with aimless scrolling and streaming
  • Hot and cold pocket for perfect temp. storage from gas station hot dogs to pints of ice cream
  • Tech pocket for your phone and charger, since a dead phone is no good at giving directions
  • Hotel bed seat cushion that feels like you’re relaxing on a plush hotel mattress mid-traffic, no turn down service needed
  • Handy hand sanitizer, obviously

I mean, that’s fun. At a time when many people are hesitant to travel (including me), this is a fun way for them to attract some attention.

Like I said, there is a near-zero chance of getting one of these, but I’ll be giving it a shot on Friday – why not?

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[…] last pic above might remind you of the awesome road trip robe promotion that Hotels.com offered over the summer. There were only ten available, but see the comments of our post — it looks like not one but two […]

[…] last pic above might remind you of the awesome road trip robe promotion that Hotels.com offered over the summer. There were only ten available, but see the comments of our post — it looks like not one but […]


Order ConfirmedOrder Number: #00010





Have you gotten any info on shipping yet? I got the confirmation that I ordered one and got charged but haven’t heard anything else.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Wow, two readers got in on this? That’s amazing!


Yeah got super lucky with #8. I have no idea how I did it but I think I used up my luck for the rest of my life on that one. Thanks for the post otherwise I never would have known this was a thing to begin with!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Sweet. I’m looking forward to hearing about it once it arrives. I’m particularly curious about the free wifi. I assume it’s some kind of hotspot with some free minutes, but I’m not sure.


Turns out the wifi that they included was a hotspot called “Roaming Man”. Never heard of it but all the instructions are in broken English and their website is hard to navigate. Not sure it’s ever gonna be worth using but kind of a neat idea nonetheless! Side note, it came with all the snacks that it showed on the site which was nice. Overall super neat idea and I really love the robe even if it’s the most impractical thing I have ever purchased.


Have you received your gift card yet? I have not and i’ve spent countless hours on the phone with Hotels.com and not a living soul has any clue what I’m talking about. I’m at a loss as to how to get it.


I got the gift card before I got the robe actually. It came through in my email. There was an email from someone running the promotion that came to me directly asking for my hotels.com account info so that they could upgrade me to gold and I responded to that. They are probably who you need to reach out to about the missing gift card. Sadly it looks like I deleted the email and I no longer have her email address. Try hotels.com twitter. I tweeted at them about the contest thanking them and they responded almost immediately. They knew exactly what I was talking about. They’re pretty responsive on there.

Good luck!


Btw, thanks for the advice on reaching out via twitter. I was able to find the right contacts and finally received my gift card. Sadly, lightning didn’t strike twice as I couldnt get the latest “Friendsgiving” private island deal!


by the time I got my Paypal account linked, they were gone. Too slow 🙁


Ugh got it in my cart and when I when I submitted payment it said no longer available.


Shoot. Had one in my cart, and got to the final confirmation before it said that the quantity requested (1) was no longer available.


Same… I didn’t expect them to go via PayPal.




site not crashed. gone within 1 min

[…] Hotels.com lottery-like promo: $1500 in gift cards & an epic robe for $150 on 7/24 at noon (10 a… by Frequent Miler. […]

Stefan Krasowski (Rapid Travel Chai)

I hope it is not sold via Cash Star like their gift cards. Cash Star banned me and won’t explain why, even though over several years I don’t think I’ve bought more than total $1,000 in gift cards from their channels. Call Cash Star and they say they will only deal with such cases by email. email and get generic response followed by no response.


for once in the hot pursuit of travel perks, & your wealth/depth of knowledge/points aside, you and Greg and I will be on the same footing, how cool is that!

Last edited 1 year ago by ktc

Is it first 10 to add to their carts, or first 10 to complete the purchase?

Billy Bob

Their website will crash.