Pimsleur Amex Offer: Spend $20 & get $20 back (use up to 2 times, stack with portal)


Update 5/11/23: Chuck has pointed out in the comments below that the terms of the Amex Offer state that you have to use a specific link for this offer. With many Amex Offers (such as Dell), that’s not enforced because all the link in the terms of the offer does is redirect to the main website for that retailer. However, with this Pimsleur offer there does seem to be a specific landing page set up for Amex. That therefore runs the risk that clicking through from a shopping portal and paying for a $20.95 plan won’t trigger the statement credit from the Amex Offer. I suspect that clicking through from a shopping portal and then copying and pasting this landing page link will trigger both the portal earnings and the Amex Offer statement credit, but the relatively low return might not be worth the risk unless you’re interested in trying out the Pimsleur service.


There’s a new Amex Offer out today for the Pimsleur language learning service. The statement credits can make the service almost free for a couple of months, but it can become slightly profitable when stacked with shopping portal earnings.

Foreign language translate Pimsleur

The Deal

  • Spend $20+ at Pimsleur & get $20 back with an Amex Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires September 8, 2023.
  • Limit of 2 statement credits (total of $40 back) per Card Member.
  • Offer valid online only at US website offers.pimsleur.com/all-access-amex.
  • Excludes authorized retailers and resellers.
  • If you are a new customer receiving a free trial, you must be enrolled in the free trial prior to the campaign end date to qualify.
  • Charges may not post to your account until the free trial has lapsed.
  • Please note if you purchase a subscription, unless you notify the merchant that you want to pause, cancel, or that you do not want to auto renew, your subscription will automatically renew for another subscription period (subject to applicable law) of equal length (for example monthly, or annually). This means that the merchant will collect the then-applicable subscription fee and any taxes by charging a credit card the merchant has on record for you without notifying you, unless notification is required by applicable law.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.

Pimsleur Amex Offer spend $20 get $20

Quick Thoughts

We’ve mentioned Pimsleur in the past in the context of earning bonus miles and Loyalty Points through the American Airlines shopping portal when taking out a free trial. There are reports in the comments that the free trial didn’t end up paying out, so this Amex Offer could be of interest for people wanting to earn through a portal.

Pimsleur offers an All Access plan which gives you access to 51 languages for $20.95 per month. The $20 statement credit from the Amex Offer would therefore give you a net cost of $0.95, with a limit of two statement credits.

Even having a paid subscription for just one month should be enough to trigger shopping portal earnings. The American Airlines shopping portal is still offering 1,000 bonus miles (and a corresponding number of Loyalty Points) for a Pimsleur subscription, while other portals are offering $10 back or 1,000 Ultimate Rewards. Whether it’s worth signing up for a paid subscription for those relatively low portal earnings is up to you, but paying $0.95 for $10 back or rewards worth even more than that will be worth it for some, especially if you’re actually interested in learning a new language.

Speaking of learning a new language, Biggie F commented on that other Pimsleur post that it’s a really great service.

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Did anyone try Stephen’s suggestion? We were looking for something like this, so I’d be excited even if I got no portal payout.


Well, I decided to be the guinea pig. I clicked through AA portal (which would be 14.95/monthly btw), then pasted in amex link, clicked through ($20.95 monthly) and signed up. Did not receive email from Amex, but then, that isn’t rare for me.

Now that I think of it, I should have tried out some others to find one that charges $20.95 like Amex. Oh well, I assume portal won’t pay out. Fingers crossed I have no problem with Amex.


Fwiw so far I love it


I have used Pimsleur “tapes” in the past for free from the library. I now signed up and used Chase UR (1000 UR) + pasted Amex URL.


Follow-up: my seven days of free trial were up the other day and I received the email from Amex that the promo was triggered. And checking my Chase account, I also received the 1000 UR. Which actually surprised me a bit because I thought I had messed up by using an Amex card to check out a Chase UR offer. But apparently you don’t have to use to card tied to the UR account/offer. New lesson learned.


Offer states “only valid at US website – offers.pimsleur.com/all-access-amex
When I click on the link on the landing page in my Amex account it takes me to the Canadian website – https://offers.pimsleur.com/CAAllAccess. Even when I copy and paste the link from here its takes me to the CA website. I am in the US and wondering if its a mistake or Amex pulling a fast one?


Thanks Stephen.


I do, but tried several different states in the US to the same effect. I will try it again when I turn off the VPN. Thanks


Any idea whether the AmEx offer will track if you go through the AA portal? I know that the wine offers require using the specific AmEx link now.


No idea, but good question. it explicitly says (even in this post):

Offer valid online only at US website offers.pimsleur.com/all-access-amex

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This is exactly what I was wondering