(EXPIRED) Redeem Discover Cashback Bonus for 15% off Airbnb gift cards

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Discover is currently giving a 15% discount when redeeming your Cashback Bonus for Airbnb gift cards.

The Deal

  • Save 15% when redeeming Discover Cashback Bonus for Airbnb gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Expires May 31, 2023.
  • Valid on $25-$200 denominations.

Quick Thoughts

In most cases, redeeming credit card rewards for gift cards is a very poor option as you usually get much better value redeeming them in other ways such as transferring to travel partners.

Discover is an exception to the rule though. In fact, redeeming your Discover Cashback Bonus for gift cards is generally the best redemption option. That’s because Discover gives you a discount on all the different gift card options which means you’re getting more than 1cpp (cent per point) of value from points that are otherwise fixed at 1cpp.

Discover’s wording for these discounts is incorrect and is actually better than how they advertise the redemptions. They list the offers as “Get xx% added value”, so in the case of Airbnb it says “Get 15% added value”. That implies that you’re getting a 15% bonus, so if you were to redeem $100 of cashback, that wording would suggest you’d get a $115 Airbnb gift card.

That’s not the case though. Redeeming $100 cashback for a $115 gift card is a 13.04% discount. What happens instead is that you get a 15% discount, so a $100 gift card only costs you $85 of your Cashback Bonus.

That’s a decent deal for Airbnb gift cards as they don’t go on sale for more than 10% off very often. Discover’s normal discount for Airbnb gift cards is 5%, so this is a limited time promotion that’s due to end on May 31.

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