Pimsleur Language Programs: Easy 1,000 American Airlines Miles & Loyalty Points


The American Airlines shopping portal has an increased bonus when trying out Pimsleur Language Programs which could be useful for anyone wanting to pick up some easy AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points.

Speak Learn Foreign Language Flags

The Deal

  • Earn 1,000 bonus AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points when getting a free trial for Pimsleur Language Programs via the AAdvantage eShopping portal.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Rewards are eligible on online subscriptions, app downloads, and CD products.
  • Limit one (1) redemption per loyalty account number.
  • Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.
  • Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.
  • Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible.

Quick Thoughts

The American Airlines shopping portal normally offers 750 bonus miles and Loyalty Points, but right now it’s been boosted to 1,000 miles and an equal number of Loyalty Points.

Reader Dak gave us a heads up about this offer because he took out a 7 day free trial and has already had 1,000 bonus miles post to his account. The terms of the offer state that rewards are eligible on online subscriptions, so it seems like the free trial counts as a subscription.

There’s certainly a chance that the miles and Loyalty Points will be clawed back when you cancel the subscription after the free trial is up, but if that’s the case you’re no worse off than you are now. If you’re interested in low hanging Loyalty Points fruit in the quest for American Airlines status, this could be easy pickings.

h/t Dak

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I got a clawback. Signed up 1/27, clawback 2/25


same, 1000 miles clawed back 2/25


FYI mine have s purchase date of 1/31
Signed up with citi VAN that expired before it could be charged.
Thank g-d Still there, no clawback.

Al C

Signed up a couple weeks ago. Cancelled after 6 days and paid nothing. Posts initially posted but then just got clawed back today. So dumb.


I tried this, but miles never posted or showed pending. I had a site visit tracked but no order history. I just canceled today on day 5 or 6 of the trial period.


Anyone else get a message on the shopping portal that sez (more or less): “no miles for using a mobile phone, MUST complete deal on a computer” ??? How retro! 🙁


Just a heads up, looks like Chase has the same terms for 1000 UR if anyone prefers to try that instead.

Lord Dima

Or try both


Thanks very much for posting this

Biggie F

This is *not* the kind of thing I usually come on here to post about — nor you, to read — but I can’t myself on this one: If you really are interested in learning a language, especially one you have never used or tried to learn before, then Pimsleur is really great. I don’t know about the newer versions with more bells-and-whistles, but the core idea was that you hear something, try to repeat it, hear it again, repeat it again. All this aurally — i.e., you are not reading. At first I found everything indecipherable — what were they saying? Without reading something, without leaning on the symbols, language learning is a whole different experience.

But a better one, I think. If you just do what they say, keep persevering, you may discover yourself speaking words in another language with a near-perfect accent, even if (like me) you are “not good” at languages (well, in my case, bad).

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: How long should I wait after miles and Amex Offer posts to cancel Naked Wines?


Appreciate the comment. I’ve been studying a language for a few years and was wondering how it compares to what I’ve done.


+1. I’ve used pimsleur CDs which you can usually find at a public library but have purchased them too. Audible also sells Pimsleur, which I haven’t tried.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nun

Does this require giving them credit card details?




You can use a Visa/Master gift card which has some small balance on it.


Or a Citi VAN with a low limit