Is Plastiq 3X dead?


a woman smiling with blue textIn our last bi-monthly manufacturing spend report, we reported that Plastiq bill payments were coding as lodging when Plastiq was used to pay rent or mortgage.  The great thing about that was that credit cards that offer bonus points for travel were earning extra rewards.  Therefore, it was possible to earn 3X rewards when paying rent or mortgage with a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, Chase Ink Business Preferred card, or Citi AT&T Access More card.  See: Increase credit card spend (and get most of it back). What still works May 2017?

Unfortunately, recent evidence suggests that the 3X deal may be dead.  For transactions issued as early as June 3rd (and posted June 4th), readers have reported to us that they got only 1X rewards with the Chase Sapphire Reserve despite having earned 3X on previous payments.

Similar data points can be found over on Doctor of Credit, and on Reddit.

One data point on Doctor of Credit shows 3X working as of June 2nd so this appears to be a very recent change.

More reports requested

If you have paid rent or mortgage through Plastiq since June 3rd, did your payment code as travel?  If not, can you confirm that the Recipient is still categorized within Plastiq with Business Type = “Rent, Mortgage, and Real Estate”?

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UPDATE: Please list which card you paid and what you paid (rent or mortgage, which bank, etc.) with when reporting results.  One reader (so far) has said that the Ink Business Preferred earned 3X as recently as June 3rd (June 4th posted), but another has reported 1X.

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Chase Sapphire Reserve. 03/27/2018 Made a rent payment through plastiq and it came through as 1x, unfortunately.


Mortgage payment using AT&T Access More only earns 1X as of this month. Looks like it’s dead for good.

[…] month has brought both ups and downs in credit card news. In an unfortunate change, Plastiq stopped coding at 3X as a travel bonus category for most mortgage payments. Rubbing salt in the wound, Citi sent a […]

Zeke Wa

Has anyone figured out the category that rent currently codes? Trying to see if there is an alternative credit card I should use instead of the plain Chase Freedom unlimited for 1.5x. Used Plastiq with preferred for payment made around June 21st and unfortunately only coded as 1x points. Luckily, it was the last month I needed to hit the minimum for bonus points so now just trying to justify paying the 2.5% fee instead of using an envelope, check, and stamp for rent.


Chase sapphire preferred
June 1rst
1x reward points where previously I got double.

[…] Plastiq rent and mortgage payments are mostly not be coding as travel anymore.  People have confirmed this to be true for both the Chase Sapphire Reserve and Citi ThankYou Premier.  There have been mixed results with the Chase Ink Business Preferred.  Details here. […]

[…] payments made with the Sapphire Reserve and Ink Business Preferred cards on Plastiq are not typically earning 3x Ultimate Rewards anymore as they once were (payments were coding as lodging, therefore falling in the bonused category of […]

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Never ever saw anyone post on Citi Premier, so gave it a try after this post. Posted to Citi on 6/7/17 for a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and only got 1X on this…..

Plastiq is dead to me.


Thanks! That saves me some trouble.

Steven Miller

Not only is 3X dead but as of June 12th Plastiq will no longer accept VISA for ANY mortgage payments per VISA’s request. They could/would not tell me why.

Nick Reyes

That is unfortunately correct. Greg confirmed this with a Plastiq contact and posted about it first thing this morning. See this for more information:

[…] since Chase stopped giving 3X for mortgage and rent payments through Plastiq (See: Is Plastiq 3X Dead?), I’ve been wondering whether those payments made with the AT&T Access More card would […]


6/7/17 transaction Ink biz Preferred coded as miscellaneous, 1x. sun trust mortgage. previously coded as travel 3x

[…] Is Plastiq 3X dead? […]


AT&T received no 3x with Plastiq for mortgage for past 2 mo statements. It used to qualify for an on-line purchase. The service fee is not qualifying either. I tried the same mortgage with CSR ona small payment and again no 3x on that card either. Looks like 3x is dead for me. 🙁

[…] via The Frequent Miler and Doctor of Credit, it seems that most rent/mortgage payments are now registering as 1X with the […]