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Plastiq Guide: Pay Bills via Credit Card (Payments to US Vendors Back to Normal)

Update 3/14/23: A couple of days ago Plastiq temporarily suspended all payments to US vendors (and some additional countries). This was a ripple effect...

Plastiq no longer taking Visa business cards for auto loans

Several readers reached out this week after receiving emails from Plastiq regarding their auto loan payments. Visa business cards can no longer be used...

How to Earn Rewards by Paying Mortgage

Separately, I posted How to Earn Rewards by Paying Rent.  There aren't as many ways to earn rewards from paying your mortgage, but it...
Plastiq debit card fees

Plastiq Now Charging 2.85% Fee For Debit Card Payments

Bad news for anyone who's been using Plastiq to make payments using debit cards - they've increased the fee that you'll pay. We started seeing...

Brex card now 2.35% fee on Plastiq payments

Plastiq reached out today to let us know that there is now a newly-reduced rate on Plastiq payments made with a Brex card. While...
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Plastiq says cash advance transactions not possible, so fear not

Miles Talk reports on an interesting statement from Eliot Buchanan, the co-founder of Plastiq. There had been some concern over the last few months...

Now pay more categories with Amex via Plastiq

There is good news today for Plastiq and Amex fans: Plastiq sent an email last night indicating that Amex cards can now be used...
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(Update: About To Go Live) Updated Chase Card Cash-Like Transaction Terms: What It Might...

Update 4/7/21: This is just a quick reminder that Chase's changes regarding what's classified as cash-like transactions comes into effect in a few days...
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(Update: Offer Back?) Visa SavingsEdge: Get 1% Back On First $2,500 In Plastiq Payments

Update 6/23/21: This offer was due to have expired back on March 31, 2021. The landing page on Plastiq's website still shows that as...

Best credit cards for Plastiq bill payments (updated w/ 2.85% fee)

Plastiq is an online bill payment service that lets you pay almost all of your bills by credit card.  The usual fee is 2.85%, but they sometimes...

Another Hit To Manufactured Spending: Plastiq Fees Increasing To 2.85%

The hits keep coming. There was bad news for manufactured spending a couple of days ago when GiftCardMall announced that they'd be limiting the...

Plastiq bonuses down 90% for referrals and new accounts

This news came out about 10 days ago and we changed our Plastiq Credit Card Payments Complete Guide accordingly, but I just realized that...

Plastiq no longer accepting prepaid debit cards in 2020

Plastiq sent out an email yesterday advising that they will no longer accept personal prepaid debit cards (including both reloadable cards as well as...
Plastiq Visa

Plastiq accepting Capital One business card payments again

A couple of months ago, Plastiq stopped taking Capital One credit cards for payments. However, in a positive change, Plastiq now once again accepts...

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