Platinum Card Now Available With Physical Coupon Book + New Benefits


I know we’ve joked about it and played the fool about coupon books in the past, but it’s now an actual thing – you can register to get a physical coupon book on a Platinum card. What makes the coupon book even more intriguing is that it’ll come with a whole host of new benefits.

Platinum card coupon book

Some benefits will remain pretty much the same, although the redemption process will change. For example, to order online from Saks Fifth Avenue, you’ll mail your coupon to Saks and they’ll mail you back a secret code for $50 off that’s good for 24 hours from the time sent.

If you’d like to use your airline fee credits for seat upgrades, you’ll first select your airline as normal, then you’ll mail your coupon to a dedicated team at that airline. That coupon will have two options to choose from – a 17″ x 17″ foam topper for your seat to enhance your comfort or an airline-branded Snuggie.

Your fellow Basic Economy seatmate will be so jealous.

The Dell coupon on business cards will be an enhancement on the current setup. There’ll be a unique URL to enter to try redeeming the coupon and it’ll immediately tell you that your order is cancelled before you’ve even added anything to your cart, thereby saving you time on trying to find items that you might want to order only to be disappointed later on when Dell auto-cancels your order.

In addition to existing benefits, some exciting new benefits will be getting added to the coupon book. Cardholders will get 5 coupons redeemable at your local grocery store (Walmart and Target excluded) for free roach spray when staying at properties costing 7,500 Wyndham Rewards points per night, as well as a coupon for a free plastic faceslapper to use when considering making a phone call to LifeMiles or Turkish Airlines.

Live look at someone on the phone to LifeMiles.

Perhaps the most unique new benefit will be a coupon to access the top secret top-top-tier of the Marriott Bonvoy award program – Bonvoyagerist. We should warn you though that there are multiple hoops to jump through in order to redeem the coupon. To earn Bonvoyagerist status you have to navigate Marriott’s Byzantine rules to get three different Marriott cards in addition to the Platinum card. You then have to get a complimentary breakfast at every one of their 437 brands that offers free breakfast, as well as paying for breakfast at the other 121.5 brands that don’t offer complimentary breakfast. In addition to then having to spend $125,000 on stays in a year, the most complicated part of earning the status is the requirement that you have to have selected two sets of 5 Suite Night Upgrades the previous year and successfully redeemed each of them for an actual suite. It’s that latter requirement that makes me think they’re not entirely serious about this new benefit.

This coupon book is initially only available as a limited edition for this year, with only 4123 copies available. You’ll need to be quick to register for a copy, so you can do that here.

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This is the funniest and most clever April Fool’s post I have ever seen!!! I was laughing pretty hard about Amex, but then you got to Bovoyagerist. Just hysterical.

em ail

nailed it!

Mary Jane

I love it…Good one!






The branded Snuggie justifies the card’s annual fee, now how to choose the airline…


Exactly! Because ***I*** value Snuggies at 1cpsez (one cent per static electric zap).

:rofl Nice job, Stephen!


I got an upgrade offer to the Centurion “black” card. Waived AF and IF. Delta Diamond. AA EXP. I’m so excited. I’ll make the most of this for the first year at least !


Just received my coupon book by mail today, was excited until I realized Amex sent me a laminated “special edition” version that helps with “fraud prevention.” Clipping the coupons is nearly impossible, which is in line with Amex tradition of having credits that are difficult to use.


You forgot to mention, if you take unfair advantage of these airline credits then RAT team will literally unleash an army of rats to chew down your coupon book

Last edited 1 year ago by Ravi

Amex refuses to expedite my coupon book, and insists on sending each quarter’s coupons separately! I told them our household has 20 of their cards and they still refused!


Is Bonvoyagerist better than Cobalt?


Nicely done. It is a fun read.


Just the headline did it for me. Love it.


I would very seriously trade my useless Equinox credit for a free Snuggie.


Too funny! I did not realize today was 01April until I read this. HA!!