Frequent Miler’s Best April Fools Posts


Happy April Fools Day!  Rather than publish a new April Fools post, I decided to do a quick overview of my favorite April Fools posts from the past.  Here goes…

Introducing the Cottonelle Card! (2019)

This is one of my favorites.  I didn’t try to fool anyone with this post, but instead made up this ridiculous idea of a two-ply roll of rewards credit cards.  I had no idea when I posted this how valuable this product would be today during COVID-19 social distancing!  First, it offers contactless payments.  And second, it’s the perfect option for when you run out of regular toilet paper in your home.  Read the full post here.

Changes In Ownership and Policies at Frequent Miler (2016)

On April 1 2016, we published two April Fools posts for the price of one.  In the first post, Julian, the Devil’s Advocate (who used to write the “Bet you didn’t know” series on this blog) revealed that Frequent Miler was being bought out by a Chinese company, Anbang (the joke made more sense at the time when Anbang was in the news attempting to purchase Starwood Hotels).

In the second post, I announced that Anbang had withdrawn their takeover bid thanks to Julian’s foolish post.  So I sent Julian to time-out.

Read post 1 here and post 2 here.

Announcing the “Us” card: a Bluebird, Serve, and REDcard competitor! (2015)

The “Us” card post remains my favorite April Fools post.  In this post I presented a press release from FirstCayman Internet Bank (AKA “FIB”).  Unfortunately, the “Us” card was so attractive that some readers were pissed off when they eventually realized that it wasn’t real.  Quotes from FIB’s Senior Vice President, I.M Leighing, and Phil Aufschidt, FIB’s Director of Sales and Marketing probably gave the post a false aura of legitimacy.

Read the full post here.

Sweet Rewards Signature Visa: Too good to be true? (2013)

This was my first ever April Fools credit card announcement.  The Sweet Rewards Visa offered “kisses” instead of points,  and bonus points were called “Just Desserts.”  For the record, the reason for the name “Ahcom Bank” is that ahcom backwards is Mocha.

Read the full post here.

Which was your favorite?

Please comment below.

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