Podcast: Navigating Amex’s Welcome Bonus Family Rules | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep261 | 6-28-24


Amex has long had rules against getting a new welcome bonus for a card you’ve had before. Now, they’ve expanded those rules to include “families” of cards. In this episode we’ll help you navigate this confusing and tedious concept.

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Main Event: Navigating Amex’s Welcome Bonus Family Rules


(01:31) – With pointsyeah a reader found an interesting redemption for ANA first class… but found a great discount for “suffering” in economy to HND. (Mailbag)

Read more about Avianca LifeMiles’ awesome mixed-cabin award pricing – First Class for less:

Card Talk: Southwest Biz Cards

(05:15) – Southwest Companion Pass with one business card (Card Talk)

Find out more about the Southwest Premier Business Card here.

Find out more about the Southwest Performance Business card here.

Award Talk

(18:14) – Bilt rent day promo (Award Talk)

(19:42) – Alaska Airlines transfer bonus, up to 100% (Award Talk)

Read more about the Alaska / Bilt transfer bonus here.

(24:18) – Alaska Airlines status match (Award Talk)

(29:20) – Bilt Neighborhood dining (Award Talk)

(32:09) – Hilton adds more SLH properties (Award Talk)

(37:50) – Choice removes 35K cap on their points prices in the US (Award Talk)

(39:22) – We’ve updated some of our RRVs (Award Talk)

(44:46) – Use Virgin points to book AF/KLM (Award Talk)

(50:23) – Fiji airways to adopt AAdvantage miles (Award Talk)

2024 Predictions. Half-Way Check Point

(52:09) – Read more about Greg’s Predictions here (2024 Predictions Half-Way Check Point)

(54:55) – Read more about Nick’s predictions here (2024 Predictions Half-Way Check Point)

(56:27) – Read more about Stephen’s Predictions here (2024 Predictions Half-Way Check Point)

(58:38) – Read more about Tim’s Predictions here (2024 Predictions Half-Way Check Point)

(1:01:27) – Read more about Carrie’s Predictions here (2024 Predictions Half-Way Check Point)

Main Event: Navigating Amex’s Welcome Bonus Family Rules

(1:03:24) – About Amex’s “Pop-Up Prison”

(1:06:58) – Family types

(1:09:08) – How to find the rules. Look for “Offer Terms”

(1:12:16) – Skirting the pop-up prison

Question of the Week

(1:18:01) – What sites do you like the best, apart from your own? (Question of the Week)

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Music Credit – “Ocean Deep” by Annie Yoder

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I’ll add a few more.

Travel with Grant (a semi-frequent commenter on here) has some unique analysis of different cards and offers. Probably the best write ups out there on stacking InKind offers.

For reviews and information on most things Canada (lounges, airports, hotels, Aeroplan for flights on AC metal) it’s hard to beat Prince of Travel.

Travel on Points tends to be quick posts and are newer, some good perspective on advantages of different programs.

I still spend the most time on your blog by far. Few others have the same quality of information or as active an amount of commenters (and when they do they can unfortunately get toxic/political in a post about airline miles).


Deeply amused by the “Main Event” being only ~15 minutes out of an episode lasting 85 minutes, but all the content this week was pure gold.


“…and then there are trickety tricks…” and then nothing. Seems like there was a discussion with juicier advice edited out