Points Path: An easy “set and forget” award search tool


Points Path is a free browser plug-in which automatically integrates with Google Flights. When you run a Google Flights search, Points Path automatically inserts point prices into the results next to cash rates and shows you whether it thinks you’d be better off paying with points or cash. I like this tool because I never have to think about it! I use Google Flights all the time and, thanks to Points Path, every now and then I find a great award price regardless of whether I had even planned to look at award prices. The biggest downside to the tool is that only the big three airline programs (AA, Delta, and United) are currently supported. So, I wouldn’t recommend this as a primary award search tool, but it’s good for beginners and it is a nice-to-have extra for anyone who regularly uses Google Flights.


  • Points Path is a free browser extension that inserts award search results into Google Flight searches.
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge. Safari is coming soon.
  • Supported airline programs: American, Delta, and United. Sometimes supported partner airlines are shown when their flights are bookable through AA, Delta, or United.
  • PointsPath currently uses these point values to determine whether cash or points is the better deal: 1.1 cents per mile for Delta, 1.25 cents for United, and 1.3 cents for American.

How to install Points Path:

  1. Go to pointspath.com and click on “Download the extension.”
  2. Enter your name and email address and click “Confirm.”
  3. Check your email inbox for a message from Points Path. It typically should arrive within 5 minutes. If it doesn’t, check your “Promotions” tab in Gmail, or on occasion, it may have gone to spam. If you find the message in either place, I recommend moving it to your “Primary” tab so you can receive service info emails from Points Path in the future.
  4. Click on the button in the email message that says “Click here to install Points Path.”
  5. Follow the directions provided by Google to complete the installation in your Chrome or Edge browser.

The Points Path connection to Frequent Miler

We do not have a business relationship with Points Path, but we happen to be great friends with Points Path’s founder and CEO Julian Kheel.

Long time readers may remember a Frequent Miler series called “Bet you didn’t know” written by “Devil’s Advocate.” Julian was an awesome part-time contributor to Frequent Miler (and I miss that series!). But, when he was ready to go full time, he moved on to The Points Guy, then to CNN Underscored. And now, he’s on his own with his Points Path business. We wish him the best of luck!

Here are some links if you’re interested in diving into the “Bet you didn’t know” history:

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I have tried multiple times to get the download link but I never receive an email, is the plug in still working?


I just tried today. It took a few minutes but received the download link.


I remember the Devils Advocate’s series fondly and glad to see Julian featured on FM (even if only in reference to his new tool). @Greg, I suggest striking a deal with Julian (a Faustian bargain with the Devil’s Advocate? ha ha) so for every “n” people who try Points Path after reading FM, he agrees to write a BYDK post on the FM blog again

Jokes apart, I usually avoid browser plug-ins when I can, but knowing Julian is the author, I am going to try it right away.


Heard this on another podcast also and like the tool! Very good integration with Google Flights to save some time searching for domestic flights.


Is this only a desktop computer thing or does it work on mobile?

Julian from Points Path

Desktop only for now, but we do have plans to have a non-extension version for mobile, though it may be a while.


That’s great as most of the time I start most of my google flight searches from my mobile.


Are there plans to add more award programs (especially aeroplan, Avianca, ANA, Turkish, Alaska, BA, Virgin, Flying Blue)?

Julian from Points Path

Yep! The international Big 3 (Flying Blue, Aeroplan, and British Airways) in particular are our top priorities.


How does it make money and what are the privacy issues?

Julian from Points Path

We have affiliate links in our content that’s promoted in the extension from time to time and in the checkout page, but no one is required to use them to access the browser. You can find our complete Privacy Policy on our website.


Can the Frequent Miler team buy Points Path so the Devil’s Advocate can come back to FM? I would chip in if there was a GoFundMe…

Dave Hanson

Or a Patreon

Julian from Points Path


Last edited 1 month ago by Julian from Points Path

Does the points rate shown also indicate actual bookable availability?

Julian from Points Path

Hey, yes, it’s all live award data — the searches are being done at the exact same time as your Google Flights search, so you’re getting the same actual bookable prices as they exist at that moment.


any plan for firefox?

Julian from Points Path

Yes. To be honest, it’ll likely be a while. But a Firefox version is definitely planned.


Already loaded the extension and LOVE this tool! Genius idea!!

Julian from Points Path