Possible free night in St. Kitts with the new horse on the status match-go-round


Dave Grossman at Miles Talk covers a new partnership between Choice Privileges and Penn Gaming that will offer reciprocal elite status. We don’t yet know where the programs will match up status, but it seems that top-tier Choice privileges members may be able to score a couple of free nights at a Marriott in St. Kitts when this is finalized. Sort of. Maybe.

You can read more about the partnership at Miles Talk, but the key note of interest is the reciprocal status. Choice Privileges only has 3 levels of status (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond), whereas Penn mychoice has 4 (Advantage, Preferred, Elite, and Owner’s Club). Note that I am not including the general member / no-status level in either program since there is no requirement to meet for no status.

The reason this is potentially very interesting is because Penn mychoice Preferred status includes two (sort of) free nights at The Royal Beach Casino and St. Kitts Marriott Resort plus a $100 dining credit and $100 free play. I say the nights are sort of free because you have to stay a minimum of four nights, paying something for the other two nights — making your “free” nights less free. Still, half price may be a slamming deal at times, particularly with the additional dining and casino credits.

But even better yet, mychoice Elite status comes with a free five-night stay at The Royal Beach Casino and St. Kitts Marriott Resort plus a $200 dining credit and $200 in free play. Now we’re talking!

I think it is very likely that Choice Privileges top-tier Diamond members will get one of those two elite tiers. Unless they plan to lump Choice Gold and Platinum members into the same tier in Penn mychoice, there is even a non-zero chance that Choice Diamond members will get Penn mychoice Elite status, which would be awesome. Dave at MilesTalk points out that Choice Privileges has typically only matched members to Platinum status via its normal status match program, but as I wrote earlier this week in my post about why 2021 is the year of the mattress runyou can get Choice Privileges Diamond status with a match plus just one stay at a Cambria hotel. Click here for more on that.

As Dave highlights and I noted earlier this week as well, Choice only matches you for the current membership year if you match between January and the end of June. It may be more advantageous to wait until July 1st to status match to Choice as you would then have Choice Privileges status for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022. That should give you plenty of time to match over to Penn Gaming for the 2022 membership year. Waiting to match will also give you a chance to see where the reciprocal match ends up as the value of this play rides on the reciprocal status.

Still, this is a very interesting find and one that I’ll keep an eye on moving forward. Read more at Miles Talk.

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