(EXPIRED) Profitable Sam’s Club membership with a stack [partially expires 1/31]

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Sam’s Club currently has a promotion to join for $45 and get $45 instant savings back on your membership card within 72 hours of joining (which is then valid for 60 days). You can turn this into a money-maker by stacking with an Amex Offer and a possible Dosh card-linked offer and come out $35 ahead — maybe more.

The Deal

  • Sam’s Club is currently offering $45 in instant savings loaded to your membership card within 72 hours of joining the club for $45.
  • Direct link to this offer
  • Stack this deal further with an Amex Offer good for $25 back when you join for $45
  • Possibly stack this deal further with a Dosh card-linked offer good for $10 back. I don’t see this offer in my app.

Key Details

  • Note that the Amex Offer expires 1/31/20
  • The “instant savings” will be loaded to your Sam’s Club membership within 72 hours and will expire 60 days thereafter

Quick Thoughts

The first part of this deal is easy: simply go to the link under “The Deal” and enter your email address to receive your coupon to open a Sam’s Club membership and get the $45 instant savings automatically loaded to your Sam’s Club card within 72 hours of joining for $45. My coupon arrived in my email 4 minutes after entering my email address. Keep in mind that the instant savings may take up to 72 hours to load to your account and then it expires after 60 days. You’ll want to be sure that you plan to go shopping within the next 60 days. I’ve personally had Sam’s Club memberships on and off for the past few years for gift card deals and reselling opportunities around the holidays, but I don’t live close enough to shop there regularly — so this 60-day expiration would be a factor for me to consider before joining.

Before you sign up, you’ll want to log into Amex and see if you have an offer for Sam’s Club. A look at our current Amex Offers database shows that there is currently an offer for $25 back when you spend $45 or more on a new membership, so you should be able to easily stack that on top of the offer to get $45 in “instant savings”. Assuming you were going to shop at Sam’s Club anyway and value the $45 in “instant savings” close to face value, this Amex Offer is pure profit.

Sam's Club Amex Offer

Doctor of Credit further notes an offer from the Dosh app for $10 back on a new Sam’s Club membership as a card-linked offer. I do not see that offer in my Dosh app at the moment, but if you have a Dosh account it’s worth checking and then making sure that you have linked the Amex with which your Sam’s Club Amex Offer is loaded. Then it would theoretically be possible to stack that further $10 in profit. For more on Dosh and other card-linked programs and additional rewards sources, see: Miles and money you may be missing.

You may be able to qualify for another $10 in cash back plus a $20 gift card and a $10 gift card with some shenanigans found in this reddit thread. I’ve done that dance twice before — once it worked more or less as advertised and the last time I ran into a snag somewhere in the process. I’m not going to re-publish the steps here because it’s not intuitive and is easy to mess up, but if you can follow directions in terms of copying links into the right tabs and whatnot, you can stack to make this $20-$40 more profitable.

We currently have a membership in my household that is scheduled to end in a couple of months, but I may sign up for a second membership (under Player 2 once I figure out which one of us is Player 1) to stack these deals, at least in part because I’ll be near a Sam’s Club this weekend and could easily use the $45 credit. That makes this a small win and extends our time as members by the better part of a year. We’ll see.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Nick, have you been able to take advantage of Sam’s free membership more than once by letting your membership expire & then re-joining to get the $45 credit again?


The $45 charge for a new Sam’s Club membership went through on my Amex two days ago. No $25 Amex credit so far. No $10 credit on Dosh either. I did register in advance for the credit on Amex and the offer appeared in my Dosh account, so that’s not the issue. The $45 Sam’s credit wasn’t showing anywhere in my online account, but when I put stuff in my cart, it deducted the first $45. Ended up getting two giant packs of Mega roll toilet paper priced at $22.58/package, which left me paying .16 in overage plus tax and shipping ($4.39 total). Since I can buy toilet paper at similar prices on a regular Costco run, I see this “deal” as putting me slightly underwater so far. If I don’t get a credit from Amex soon, I may message them and ask about it. Can’t see pursuing it with Dosh.


Same here. Purchased membership through above link on 1/29 after adding amex offer and double checking Dosh offer on my app. Neither has credited so far, nor triggered any confirmation emails. Looks to be a bogus deal.


I just checked and the Amex Alaska Airlines $40 credit took 4 days to post, so I’m not going to worry too much yet.


The Amex credit just showed up, so it did work! We’ll see what happens with Dosh.


Dosh never came through.


Remains to be seen if the promo code might yet be honored (somehow) in store – doubtful. By following the Amex link and signing up, there’s no opportunity for use of the internal (Sams, not amex) code. Yes, you receive a code from Sams when you enter the email address, but the two processes (both ultimately to join) are completely separate.


By printing and taking the $ 45 credit promo (with a promo code on it) to the store, the 19 yr olds working membership had no clue, and a “supervisor” pronounced it a scam “just look at that email address it came from …” but in patiently asking them to try it, they eventually did and it worked – much to their amazement. $45 credit on the account instantly.


Any way to stack further with a portal or will the $45 promo not work?


To get the AmEx credit you need to apply through the AmEx link. That link doesn’t show $45 credit offer…


I signed up and didn’t receive any “Congratulations on using the offer….” e-mail from AMEX, which typically comes out right away. The charge went through and is showing pending.

UPDATE: the $25 credit has been posted ! Still never got that congratulatory e-mail, but I’m happy. Any idea what to do at Sams? I’m a Costco guy LOL


I don’t live anywhere near a Sam’s Club, but I see they sell stuff online, in some cases with free shipping. Would I be able to use the $45 credit for online purchases? Also, how hard is it to cancel the auto-renewal of the membership?


Unless they changed the terms from the last time they ran this promo, the credit can be used for online purchases.

It’s very easy to cancel auto-renewal. Once you have your online account set up, go to account information. Under “membership” on the left-hand side of the screen is a link to “auto-renew settings.” Uncheck the box and, voila, your membership will not auto-renew upon expiration (i.e. you’ll have to renew in club or manually renew it online).


Thanks! Signed up for Dosh and got the Amex offer, so I’m going to give it a go.