PSA: Some Amex agents can move Amex Offers from one card to another


Have you ever had a situation where you’d added an Amex Offer to one card, only to wish it was loaded on to a different card after the fact?

There could be various reasons why you’d like the offer to be on a different card. Perhaps you added a dining offer to a card where it would earn 1x, whereas it could earn 4x on an Amex Gold card or 6x or 7x on Hilton Surpass and Aspire cards respectively.

Another situation would be where you added an offer to one card, but then opened a new Amex card and would like to put all spend on that card to help earn the bonus from the welcome offer. If the Amex Offer was for a retailer where you’d be spending a significant amount (e.g. for a cruise), getting a statement credit or a chunk of bonus Membership Rewards would be very nice indeed.

There’s a problem with that though. Once loaded to a card, you can’t move an Amex Offer to a different card.

Or so I thought.

It turns out that it is possible – you just need to find an Amex agent who’s able to do it.

a hand holding a credit card
Can you bend Amex Offer rules? Apparently you can

We found this out courtesy of a member of our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group. Another member had lamented that they were working on the welcome offer for a new Business Platinum card and that although Amex Offers were showing up for that card, they couldn’t load them to that card as they were already added to other cards.

I didn’t think there’d have been anything they could do about that, but a reader shared that there is indeed a possible solution:

This just happened to me a few days ago. I used Amex chat to request Amex rep to remove Expedia offer from my other biz card and put in on my new Amex biz card. The 1st rep said can’t be done. I logged out and in again, chat w another rep and she was able to do it. Then after a few days I saw another offer i.e. Royal Caribbean and had to request. 1st Amex rep didn’t know how to. 2nd Amex rep did it. I got Amex notification from Amex today that I met the spend for the 2 offers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more Amex reps who don’t know how – or are unable – to do this than those who can/will do it, but it’s great to know that you can move Amex Offers from one card to another if you find the right rep.

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