Quill Chase Offers: Up to 20% back on up to $250 + possible 5x Ultimate Rewards


Quill’s has another targeted Chase Offer, this time offering 10% back on up to $250 in purchases.  This offer seems often be on business cards, which is exciting as it’s stackable with the Ink Plus and Ink Cash’s 5x office supply bonus if you find it there.

If you are new to Quill, it’s an online-only office supply store owned by Staples and it sells essentially the same assortment of gift cards online, including Visa gift cards up to $300 in value. Note that ordering gift cards is much easier when initially signing up as a business account, as opposed to a personal account.

Quill Chase Offer 20% back $250 spend 11.30.22

The Deal

  • Chase Offer: 20% back on up to $250 in spend at Quill.com.

Key Terms

  • Expires November 30, 2022.
  • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.
  • Maximum cash back is $50 (20%), can be in one or more purchases.
  • Offer not valid on third-party delivery services.

Quick Thoughts

This is one of my favorite Chase Offers when it comes around, although it’s a bit of a bummer that this time it’s capped at $250, instead of the usual $300.

Still, a $300 Visa gift card comes with an $8.95 purchase fee, so the $25 back makes for an immediate $16.05 profit. If you are lucky enough to have the 20%, you’d get $41.05 back.

For me, these are usually targeted to on my Ink Plus and Ink Cash cards that earn 5x at office supply stores. In that case, it will also earn another 1,545 Ultimate Rewards points on the purchase. Pretty nifty for a five minute deal. Also, unlike American Express, Chase offers can be redeemed on multiple cards. I’ve never been targted on more than card, but if you have more than one offer, use it!

Do note that you can only order gift cards if you have a business account on Quill.com. You can change the settings in your account from Personal to Business, but in the past, folks have had much more success getting orders to go through by creating a business account from the get-go (and Quill has never seemed to mind someone having two accounts under different e-mails). I’ve had to actually call customer service a couple of times to get gift card orders to process.

Quill is featured on multiple shopping portals, so it’s worth clicking through one even though on some a qgift card purchase won’t track.

(h/t: GC Galore)

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How to make order to go through? Every time I place an order it says it was declined by a bank. Nothing comes from a bank. The card continues to work as expected in other places.

[…] Update 6/5/22: Deal is back, some are seeing it for 5% and 10% as well. Only up to $300 in purchases this time. Valid through 7/13/22. Hat tip to FM […]

Captain Greg

5% back, boooo


I just received my card in the mail but I am unable to activate it (I have the 4 digit activation code). Has this happened to anyone else?


yes, great idea! Essentially redirected back to quill to create a ticket and they will get back to me in up to 4 business days :(. Blackhawk can’t help b/c there are no funds are on the card, I guess Quill is responsible for loading the cards and giftcardkey.com to activate doesn’t work for me.

I’ll just wait for them to get back to me and will report back if there’s any issues.

Last edited 2 months ago by Josh
A Non.

I expect the percentage back from the Chase Offer to be what is “possible” (maybe the gift card exclusion will apply, maybe not). But the 5x Ultimate Rewards points earning rate should be considered safe.


Ordered from my business account and received this email the next day: “Thank you for your Quill.com order. The vendor is unable to ship Item#XXXX(VISA GIFT CARD $300) to you due to vendor shipping restrictions. The item has been cancelled from the order.”


RMN portal has consistently paid out for me on entire purchase price

Dugroz Reports

offer shows on 2 or 4 cards for me. Both the 20% offer.


I had the 20% offer a month ago on my ink plus and redeemed it successfully. I have the offer again on the same card, but 5% this time, which is barely worthwhile.


I’m reading that this excludes gift cards per the posted terms.

Inna Lauris

I was surprised by their message that I can only buy 5 cards till 12/31/2050.
Is it a typo or the real thing?


Noticed this too. Wonder if they enforce this.


I got that except it says 3 cards, and will not let me add any more to the cart. #sad


I placed an order yesterday (7/12) and received a confirmation with a reference number on the website. I never received an email confirmation and the charge didn’t post to my Ink card as pending. I did an online chat today (7/13) and was told the order was cancelled due to “credit” and was given a number to call. That agent needed to transfer me to another team that was closed for the day, which now puts it outside of the expiration date. Never received any kind of notification that the order was cancelled. And yes, I did sign up as a business account. Don’t think I’ll be using this company again.


Rakuten has 15% cashback, not sure if it will track GC. I will give it a go and reporting back.


I have the 20% off up to $50 offer. I see that it says in the terms directly below the offer details: “Offer excludes HP, Epson, and Samsung products, gift cards and streaming devices.”

I’m guessing the gift card thing isn’t actually enforced? Or does that refer to Quill gift cards?


I’m wondering about this as well. Can others confirm if Visa gift card purchases have triggered the Chase offer in the past?


Last offer I tok advantage with five different chase biz cards and only bought vgc. Spread purchases over several weeks. All went without a hitch and all chase credits appeared quickly


The text is different from the last chase offer. This time it added
“Offer excludes HP, Epson, and Samsung products, gift cards and streaming devices.”


Chris Voth

So does this mean the Chase offer won’t trigger for Visa gift card purchases? Any data points on this with the new terms?


5% deal worked last time no problem. 20% this time on the SW business card woohoo thanks Tim!


No love for me this time, but that’s probably cuz last time I redeemed offer on 5 different Chase biz cards

[…] Update 6/5/22: Deal is back, some are seeing it for 5% and 10% as well. Only up to $300 in purchases this time. Valid through 7/13/22. Hat tip to FM […]


I’ve had luck with RMN cashback posting also


Retail me not?


I have the 20% off up to $50 back on ink

Last edited 5 months ago by Jeff

I got the 5% (12.50) offer. Still worth it. But for some reason I am not a ‘registered business customer’ and need to call up to buy it


No I had read that it needed to be a business account and I signed up as a business account for the last offer I got. Not sure what happened but when I called up they were happy to sell it to me


I have 3 ink cards and 3 different offers, 5% ($12.5), 10% ($25) and 20% (maximum $50).


Expires April 25, 2022? Was it extended?