(EXPIRED) Quill Chase Offer: 10% back on up to $300 + 5x Ultimate Rewards

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Quill’s targeted Chase Offer is here again, offering 10% back on up to $300 in purchases.  This offer seems to only be on business cards, which is exciting as it’s stackable with the Ink Plus and Ink Cash’s 5x office supply bonus if you find it there.

If you are new to Quill, ordering gift cards is much easier when initially signing up as a business account, as opposed to a personal account.

Quill Chase Offer 10% $300 Spend 04.25.22

The Deal

  • Chase Offer: 10% back on up to $300 in spend at Quill.com.

Key Terms

  • Expires April 25, 2022.
  • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.
  • Offer not valid on third-party delivery services.

Quick Thoughts

This is one of my favorite Chase Offers when it comes around.  Quill is an online-only office supply store owned by Staples and it sells essentially the same assortment of gift cards online, including Visa gift cards up to $300 in value, with an $8.95 activation fee.

A $300 Visa gift card immediately gets you a profit of $21.05. I’ve always found it on Ink Plus and Ink Cash cards that earn 5x at office supply stores, so it also earns another 1,545 Ultimate Rewards points on the purchase. Pretty nifty for a five minute deal.

Do note that you can only order gift cards if you have a business account on Quill.com. That’s very simple as all you have to do is change the settings in your account from Personal to Business and log back in.

Quill is featured on multiple shopping portals, so it’s worth clicking through one even though on some a gift card purchase won’t track.

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[…] Update 3/21/22: Deal is back for 10% back on up to $300 in purchases. Valid through 4/25/22. (ht FM) […]


Offer not showing on my Chase Business Ink Plus


What’s a good way to empty the gift cards once you get them? I have other card sign up bonus spending that I need to meet, so I can’t do my regular spending on these visa gift cards.


Thanks, Tim! First timer with Quill — I’ve got the offer on all 3 of my ink cards, on a United Biz card, and wife has it on her Ink. 🙂


Is there a way to get around the 6 gift card limit every 5-10 years?


I got this last time on my ink cash, but only on my preferred this go around. Maybe bc my ink cash shows I redeemed this before in ‘redeemed” section it got passed over? Still a good deal with net positive cash from rebate.


Any idea why my Ink Plus card doesn’t show any offers?


I created an account, changed settings from personal to business, logged out and back in, but still cannot purchase Visa gift cards. “Business Customer Exclusive”. Any tips?


Same here…

Raghu N

I chatted with customer service. You need to order $100 “normal” stiff first order, then in the invoice you get issued a customer number . Once you have that you can do other stuff like gift cards

Raghu N

This is my experience chatting with 1 CSR. Just as you posted I changed my account type to Business with a business name also. (logged out, logged in) When I search for visa GC, I get this verbage
“Business Customer ExclusiveWe apologize. Due to contractual obligations, this item can only be purchased by registered business customers”

Thats when I chatted with customer service, who told me to buy something for $100 to get the customer number. I should try again if I get another CSR



DP – I had no problem ordering a VGC immediately after signing-up today. I signed up as a business account from the get-go, so I didn’t have to go through any process of changing from personal to business. That might be the differentiating factor in OP’s experience.

It did notify me that I am only eligible to buy six of these $300 cards by 2050…ok.

Raghu N

Thanks Tami. That was the difference. If you sign up as a business account from the get go, everything works smoothly. I signed up using another email as business account and got my order in for a $300 Visa Gc using chase cash Inc


I signed up for the business account from the start and it still wouldn’t let me purchase gift cards. I’ll give it another try…

Raghu N

I signed up for a brand new Business account and got my Visa GC order in



Any DPs on portals through which giftcard purchases are tracking?


Thanks, I’ll give it a test and report back.


Thanks, never thought about this. Do GCs qualify for the free items (crock pot with $350 spend, etc.)? Also is it worth joining QuillPlus Blue?


All the fine print says the bonus free item offers are not valid on gift card purchases.


Thanks for posting this! I had the Quill offer on my CIC and had no idea what Quill was!