Rakuten: Earn 90%/90x On LifeLock

Update 11/16/21: This deal is back again. Likely today-only again, but I’d still bet fifty cents that it goes higher over the next two weeks. (H/T: Doctor of Credit)

Every so often, Rakuten offers 90% or 90x Membership Rewards when buying a LifeLock subscription. Today is one of those days. (H/T: Doctor of Credit). Note though that we did see the rate hit 100% / 100x on Black Friday last year, so if you’re a gambler you may want to hold out.

Rakuten LifeLock

The Deals

  • Earn 90% cashback or 90x Membership Rewards when purchasing a LifeLock subscription after clicking through from the Rakuten shopping portal.
  • Earn $20 back as a statement credit on LifeLock purchases with a targeted Chase Offer.

Key Terms

  • Rakuten
    • Cash back is not available on free trials and automatic renewals.
    • Cash Back is not available when using coupons/promotional codes not found on Rakuten.
    • Cancelling a subscription within 60 days of sign up will void Cash Back.
  • Chase Offer
    • Expiry date unknown.
    • Must spend $89.99 or more.
    • Offer valid one time only.
    • Payment must be made directly with the merchant.
    • Offer not valid on third-party delivery services.
    • Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.
Lifelock Chase Offer 11.12.20
We haven’t seen this offer recently, but it’s worth checking for it just in case.

Quick Thoughts

The Rakuten deal alone is a good deal even if you have no desire whatsoever to actually use the LifeLock membership. It’s basically a way of buying Membership Rewards for 1.11cpp which means that most people will come out ahead when redeeming those points. Even cashing out the Membership Rewards for 1.25cpp via a Schwab Platinum card means you’ll come out ahead, but there’s even more value to be had with transfer partnersUpdate: Points can now only be cashed out for 1.1c per point, but they can still be worth far more when transferred to partners.

We haven’t seen it recently, but if you’re targeted for the LifeLock Chase Offer, the deal gets even better. The cheapest annual subscription is $99.99. If your Rakuten account is set up to earn Membership Rewards, you’ll earn 9,000 of them. Your net cost will be $79.99 due to the $20 statement credit from the Chase Offer, so that’s like buying Membership Rewards for 0.89cpp. If you cash out via a Schwab Platinum card, you’ll make a profit of $19.01 which isn’t a shabby return for a few minutes of work.

At the other end of the spectrum, it looks like the most expensive plan is $491.88. At 90x, that should earn 44,269.2 Membership Rewards points. If you were to pay with a Blue Business Plus card that has bandwidth left at 2x and on which you’ve also triggered the +4x referral bonus, you would stand to potentially earn a total of more than 47,000 Membership Rewards points between Rakuten and your card (keep in mind that Rakuten only pays out once per quarter). That’s just over a penny per point. There is some risk there as you’d be out a not-insignificant chunk of change if it didn’t track properly for some reason.

The terms of the Rakuten cashback state that you need to maintain the membership for at least 60 days. If you cancel after that, I don’t know if you receive a pro-rated refund. If you do, the deal becomes significantly more profitable.

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I just did this earlier this afternoon, and it has been nothing short of a disaster. When I got to the purchase screen the Rakuten 90% dropped to 80%. Not a huge deal, but then when you sign in to the link to activate the software you have to download a lot of Norton software, which instantly caused my computer to grind to a halt. Then I went into my Rakuten account to make sure I was getting credit for this, and neither the 80% or 90% ever tracked. After playing around with the Norton portal I gave up trying to make this work, but when you go to their chat service to cancel you get asked a lot of questions about why you want to cancel, followed up by a message that in order to cancel to have to call the phone number on the website because the chat agent doesn’t have access to customer accounts. But there isn’t a phone number posted listed on the Lifelock website. After three hours spent on trying to make this work I’ve realized that I have truly received what I’ve paid for – NOTHING. And I’ve made a not in my phone for next year’s Black Friday to remember to stay away from Lifelock


Thanks for the cautionary tale. When I click on the annual subscription, it seems to deactivate the Rakuten 90% for lifelock, and the brower button instead offers 60% for norton. Does not inspire a lot of confidence that this will work as we intend!


What about stacking with the 37% Black Friday discount that Lifelock is offering by itself?


Rakuten excludes automatic renewals but all memberships have automatic renewals. Am I missing something?


When I click on the link or go directly to my Rakuten account it is showing only 40%. Is this targeted? 🙁


Thanks Nick. Had to go into the office yesterday, ugh. I’ll try and catch it next time!

Ivan Y

There is a way to cancel after promo and still get the miles and refund. It was done by a few people successfully last year. Lets see if we and they can get the miles this year.


I believe there is an Amex offer for 20% back as well (besides for the 4X offer)


Also a +4MR Lifelock Amex Offer on some cards (have on Biz Plat).

So this could stack as well


I belive its a Norton offer not specifically a Lifelock offer


And excludes purchases of standalone LifeLock products

[…] Update 11/12/20: This is back again, as well as the $20 Chase Offer/Bank Amerideal. Hat tip to FM […]

Stephen Pepper

I’d assume so.

Billy Bob

Can this stack with Rakuten $40 referral offer?

Stephen Pepper

I’d assume so as you’d be spending more than $40.

[…] Update 11/12/20: This is back again, as well as the $20 Chase Offer/Bank Amerideal. Hat tip to FM […]


The rakuten portal link sends me to a page showing only monthly rates, not annual rates, so it seems like this won’t stack with the Chase offer for $89.99+. Any way you’ve found to get it to show annual rates?

Stephen Pepper

I haven’t gone through the entire process myself, but I suspect that when you get further in the application process it’ll give you the option to choose between a monthly an annual plan.


Ah yes, you are right indeed. Thanks!


When you go in you can pick annual payment. I had the 20 back offer on my chase freedom card so I checked out using paypal as well hitting the quarterly 5%


Will that trigger the $20 back since it’s technically a PayPal transaction?

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan

I actually used the Lifelock offer last year when cash back was at 120%. I prepaid the full year but cancelled it before renewal (a couple of months ago).
Do you think I might be able to get the 90% cash back this time if I use a different email to re-register to Lifelock? My only concern is that I might be recognized as a previous customer (identified by my social sec #) and hence not be eligible for the cash-back.
Any thoughts?

Stephen Pepper

I’m not too sure I’m afraid. There doesn’t appear to be any wording on Rakuten excluding repeat customers from earning cashback on subsequent purchases, but I don’t know for sure if they’d pay out. I’d think they would seeing as it’s not a renewal, but I’m far from certain that’s the case.


Yes, I’m afraid so…It’s a big charge for an annual fee, and my goal was to do it for my wife and myself… I guess I’ll pass this offer… Thanks for your feedback


same boat here, dont know if it will bonus again