Return to Necker Island! #StayCayToFarAway


Wow, this was fun!  Four years ago my wife and I spent a week on Richard Branson’s Necker Island.  We had a fantastic time.  And now, thanks to this blog’s StayCay to Far Away Challenge, I had an opportunity to return to Necker Island… for free!

Shown here, I’m carefully recreating a photo of the Necker Island rubber duckie. I used a wreath to simulate foliage and tinfoil (not shown) for water.

My goal was to recreate the Necker Island experience from home with pictures and videos.  And, I couldn’t have done it without my family.  Literally.  My son went above and beyond by shaving his full-on beard to match Richard Branson’s goatee.  My wife came up with great ideas, including how to kitesurf without water.  She also handled the make-up department and behind-the-scenes photography.  My two cats… well, they were less helpful, but they still played their parts.

My wife applies corn starch to our son’s hair to try to make it as white as Richard Branson’s.

This whole thing was ridiculously fun!  A lot of the fun was in the creative planning: What can I use to represent a zipline?  How can I make it look like I’m underwater?   Where are we going to find a giant turtle?  How can I kitesurf without water?  Watch the video to see the answer to that last one!

And a lot of the fun was in staging the shots…

This was me trying to recreate an underwater scuba scene. Yes that’s a fire extinguisher strapped to my back.

To get the full experience, you must watch the video, but you’ll also enjoy these side-by-side photos comparing my original trip to Necker Island to my recent virtual trip…

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Best one yet!

Gemma Kennedy

Fantastic video Greg


Greg, put up a small “heads up” that there is some “middle finger” action there. I watch your competition videos with my 6-year-old. Not really looking forward to explaining what that gesture means


I think you should take the responsibility for this one. Not watching a video before watching it with a 6-year-old? This one is on you.


This is fantastic! It definitely showed your creativity and effort. The “then and now” works very well because it cracked me up every time especially for the behind the scenes. Double like if the option available.


Love this Greg! So creative and fun for your whole family too!


Best video of the competition yet


This is amazing! Wish I could give in 10 thumbs up!


That was an impressive re-creation!


Fun, fun,, very creative! Clearlyyou all have lots of time on your hands!


You guys are really stepping it up this week!


Well Done Italy perhaps..


Great job Greg (and family)! Was the last photo of the choke hold from 2017 a typo for 2016 or did Richard find you in 2017 also to give you a choke hold?


Ya, I guess I should have watched the video before commenting. Great job on recreating all the videos/photos from your trip.


Yeah, so, well, good luck this week Stephen and Nick. Nick you could get an entire preschool to cook with you this week and it’s not going to make a difference. You’re all fighting for second place this week.