The worst, most cringeworthy, and grossest moments from #StayCayToFarAway


The StayCayToFarAway contest has been a blast.  As a reminder, the Frequent Miler team has been competing against each other in a series of four challenges: Destination Cooking, Travel Themed Life Hack, Imitation Travel, and Improv Travel.  For each challenge, our task was to create a short video and accompanying post.  The results have been fantastic… mostly.  Seriously, most of the videos turned out better than I had hoped.  But, fortunately for this post, there were plenty of bad, disgusting, and cringeworthy moments too.

While final votes weren’t yet counted at the time of publication, it was fun to look back at all of the contest entries to point out the worst of the worst.  Now, without further ado, here are the worst, most cringeworthy, and grossest moments from #StayCayToFarAway…

Most Disgusting

Winner: Greg’s Underwear

a man taking a selfie

This one was too gross to publish as a picture here. If you want to see my underwear (who wouldn’t?) there’s only one place to go: watch my Hotel Survival Hacks video which shows (among other things) how best to protect your valuables in a hotel room.  This video is guaranteed to make you laugh (if you’re a 7 year old boy).

Runner up #1: Carrie’s Allergic Face

Carrie’s Travel Lifehack video shows a simple way to ensure that you’re always prepared for an allergic reaction.  The video also shows what happens to Carrie’s face when unprepared.  You’ve been warned.

Runner up #2: Stephen’s Heart-Attack Burger

Stephen’s Full English Breakfast Donut Burger arguably should be referred to as a heart-attack burger.  My wife thought it was gross.  I thought it looked fantastic… except for the donut bun.  Watch the video and then read the post to learn about places you can get your own donut burger if you’re into eating unhealthy, but not into cooking.

Most Gratuitous Use of Family Members

Winner: Reyes University

a collage of people with microphones

Nick’s Travel Lifehack video shows how to protect yourself when traveling. The first half of the video, though, is a mostly unrelated (but fun to watch) investigation into “Reyes University.”  Here, Nick took full advantage of his adorable family to earn a few likes.  Yes, it’s a blatant gratuitous use of family members, but it works.  Nick gets extra credit for creating a Frequent Miler branded microphone.

Runner up #1: Stephen’s Talking Dog

Truffles steals the show as “Barky McFly” in Stephen’s Imitation Travel video.

Runner up #2: Carrie’s Baking Sister

In Carrie’s Destination Cooking video, she brought her sister into the act to help her prepare three different Mochi ice cream recipes.  They nailed it.

Runner up #3: Greg’s Branson Son

In Greg’s Imitation Travel Video (Return to Necker Island!), his son was made up to look  like Richard Branson.  See if you can tell the difference.

Most Cringeworthy Moment

Winner: Stephen’s Elephant Monkey

a man and woman with a monkey on their head

Elephant.  That’s what Stephen said when he saw this monkey on Nick’s wife’s head.  Elephant.

I get it.  Improv is really hard to do.  We all make silly mistakes, especially under time pressure (as was required in the Improv Travel challenge).  But.. elephant?

Think I’m being too harsh?  Watch the video and give Stephen a thumbs up to make him feel better about his boss teasing him.

Runner up #1: Greg’s Underwear

My gross underwear in my Travel Lifehack video already won the Most Disgusting award, so I couldn’t really give myself a second win here.  But don’t doubt the moment’s cringeworthy-ness.  Oh, it’s cringeworthy for sure.

Runner up #2: Nick’s Ruined Table

Nick proves that his self-defense Travel Lifehack really works.  His nice wooden table will never attack anyone again.  Don’t tell his wife.

Parental Guidance Most Needed (PG Award)

a sandwich with beans and bacon on a plate

Winner: Stephen’s Burger

All but two of the videos in the StayCayToFarAway series are perfectly fine for kids to watch. The parental problem with Stephen’s Destination Cooking video isn’t the worry that kids might try to eat something like this (but I’d understand that concern), but rather something Stephen’s wife said in response to Stephen wondering if he’d be able to get the whole thing into his mouth.

Runner up #1: Branson’s Middle Finger

If you don’t want to have to explain the middle finger gesture to your kids, then keep them away from both my Imitation Travel video and Post.  Both show Richard Branson giving me the middle finger, and both show my son (made up to look like Richard Branson) giving me the middle finger.  What better way was there to recreate the trip of a lifetime other than to recreate that wonderful moment?

Most Underrated Video

Winner: Carrie’s Improv Travel

a large spider statue in a grassy field

For the most part, I wasn’t a fan of Improv Travel Challenge.  In my opinion, most of us did just OK.  I was hoping for funnier results.  But Carrie’s Improv Travel Video was great.  I laughed out loud many times.  Somehow, though, Carrie’s video has earned fewer “likes” than any of the other Improv Videos in this challenge (at least at the time of my writing this).  How can that be?

Help fix this grave error.  Watch the video and give it a thumbs-up.  Then go watch some of Stephen’s videos and give them thumbs-ups because he created the background that made Carrie’s video so good.

Here are the Improv Travel Tallies at the time of this writing:

Greg’s Research Notes

My original plan for this post was to honestly review all 16 videos and to declare my favorites and least favorites in each category.  To prepare for that, I re-watched all 16 videos and re-read all 16 accompanying posts and I took notes along the way.

In the end, of course, I changed the focus of this post, but I think that my notes are interesting and informative in themselves.  Notes are listed in reverse order of publication.  For example, Nick’s cooking video was the first of the cooking videos to be published, so it is the last one listed in the notes under that section.

Cooking video notes

  • Greg’s Everything Bagel!
    • Video: Interesting bagel history. Video picks up about half way through when it switches from history to Greg’s palpable excitement about the nearly ready bagels.
    • Post: Mostly duplicates video. Includes useful links to recipe and history.
  • Carrie’s Mochi…Nailed It!
    • Video: Very funny. I laughed out loud when they tried to eat the finished mochi. Fun to “hang out” with Carrie and her sister.
    • Post: Good background info and cooking tips. Good pairing with the video.
  • Stephen’s Full English Breakfast Donut Burger
    • Video: I was actually salivating at how delicious the burger looked. Stephen looked very comfortable in front of the camera. Delicious and disgusting all in one!  Fun scene with Stephen eating with giant serving utensils.
    • Post: Strangely fascinating. It’s interesting to read a Britt’s view of what makes for good food.  And I really liked his bean confession!
  • Nick’s Homemade Pasta + Orange Cream Sauce
    • Video: Nick was born to make cooking shows (even if he doesn’t know how to cook). Great camera presence, interesting and informative (e.g. volcano).  Scenes with his son are priceless.
    • Post: Mostly just introduces the video.

Travel Lifehack Notes

  • Nick’s Welcome to Reyes University (Travel Self-Defense)
    • Video: Very entertaining intro about Reyes University (but not really relevant to the lifehack).  Lifehack seems pretty useful.  Entertaining video showing how to prepare it and proof that it works.
    • Post: Mostly just introduces the video.
  • Greg’s Hotel Survival Hacks (Cut the Cheese)
    • Video: Funny, entertaining, disgusting.  I’m not sure anyone will actually do any of these hacks in real life, except maybe the shower cap hacks.
    • Post: Mostly just introduces the video.
  • Carrie’s Never be unprepared for an allergic reaction again… 
    • Video: Engrossing story and great video scenes from Mexico.  Gross photo of swollen face.  Useful and easy lifehack. Surprise laugh-out-loud ending.
    • Post: Very good as add-on to video. More info about trip and allergic reaction.
  • Stephen’s Portable Kitchen
    • Video: Super cool seeing all of the collapsible dishes and pots and things. Stephen didn’t look as comfortable in front of the camera as he did in later videos
    • Post: Lots of good background info about the portable kitchen.

Imitation Travel Notes

  • Stephen’s Imitation (Time) Travel With Barky McFly
    • Video: Lots of cool then & now scenes. Super cute use of dog (Truffles). Impressive use of software to make it look like dog was talking.
    • Post: Good info about app (for making dog talk) and how the scenes were constructed.
  • Nick’s Big Island or Big Fail?
    • Video: Starts with story about school.  Honestly I don’t think that section was necessary. Nick’s luau recreation was a fail (but interesting) but lava & volcano crater recreations were quite good.
    • Post: Mostly just introduces the video.
  • Greg’s Return to Necker Island!
    • Video: This is my masterpiece.  Seriously.
    • Post: Excellent as stand alone or as accompaniment to video. Behind the scenes how were things done. Includes side by side photos.
  • Carrie’s Gator-Ade Art Project
    • Video: Very high production quality.  Cool recreated scenes of Easter Island and Lake Bled.  Good music.
    • Post: Some good background info, but not a necessary read.

Improv Travel Notes

  • Carrie’s Dream-like Wedding
    • Video: very funny!  I laughed out loud several times!  Stephen definitely created the best background video for this and Carrie had the funniest improv.
    • Post: Very informative (list of places around the US with weird roadside attractions).
  • Stephen’s Soapbox Derby
    • Video: A few fun moments, but overall it didn’t turn out too funny.
    • Post: Cool photo of Stephen with props and green screen. I liked reading about what he had prepared even if he didn’t get to use the props.
  • Nick’s skating through Iceland
    • Video: Started strong but seemed to fizzle at the end. Wife-purse thing unfortunately didn’t work out IMO.
    • Post: Very entertaining. Fun read even if you don’t watch the video.
  • Greg’s smoking coconuts
    • Video: Good use of props. Slightly funny commentary regarding coconuts.
    • Post: Most of post is meh, but behind the scenes section is a fun read.

Category championship

Keep in mind that category champions (e.g. “Destination Cooking” champ, “Improv Travel” champ, etc) were decided by Youtube likes.

Destination Cooking Winner: Nick

Each contestant created a mini cooking show demonstrating how to prepare some kind of food from someplace in the world.
  1. Nick's Homemade Pasta (Video w/ 119 likes) (Post)
  2. Stephen's Full English Breakfast Donut Burger (Video w/ 73 likes) (Post)
  3. Carrie's Mochi…Nailed It! (Video w/ 68 likes) (Post)
  4. Greg's Everything Bagel! (Video w/ 52 likes) (Post)

Travel Lifehack Winner: Greg

Each contestant created a video showing off one or more life hacks that relate to travel. 
  1. Greg's Hotel Survival Hacks (Cut the Cheese) (Video w/ 117 likes) (Post)
  2. Carrie's Always prepared for an allergic reaction (Video w/ 105 likes) (Post)
  3. Nick's Travel Self-Defense (Video w/ 81 likes) (Post)
  4. Stephen’s Portable Kitchen (Video w/ 80 likes) (Post)

Imitation Travel Winner: Greg

Each contestant created a video showing off a destination, but without using real photos or videos of that location. 
  1. Greg's Return to Necker Island! (Video w/ 121 likes) (Post)
  2. Stephen's Time Travel With Barky McFly (Video w/ 81 likes) (Post)
  3. Carrie's Gator-Ade Art Project (Video w/ 59 likes) (Post)
  4. Nick's Big Island or Big Fail? (Video w/ 49 likes) (Post)

Improv Travel Winner: Greg

Each contestant received a video tour of a real destination assembled by another team member from their real travel photos and videos.  The contestant didn’t know what the footage was until they started recording with their face in front.  The goal was to create an improv tour of that destination.
  1. Greg's smoking coconuts (Video w/ 78 likes) (Post)
  2. Nick's skating through Iceland (Video w/ 47 likes) (Post)
  3. Carrie's Dream-like Wedding (Video w/ 32 likes) (Post)
  4. Stephen's Soapbox Derby (Video w/ 27 likes) (Post)
Vote tallies shown above were last updated on 5/23/20 at Noon Eastern Time.
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[…] Before you vote, though, consider the accusations that have been thrown Nick’s way.  Nick has been publicly accused of breaking child labor laws.  At minimum, his use of his son and other family members is a blatant case of shameless pandering. […]

Captain Greg

Stephen’s the winner for me. I have him winning the destination cooking and imitation travel categories, plus he gets bonus points for creating the best improv slide show. I loved the british-american heart attack burger, and laughed during the progression of him eating it with the towel and cooking utensils. I also thought Barky McFly was a really creative and well done segment that stood out. I would actually give Greg the nod for the travel lifehack because the shoes in the shower cap move is clutch, and I could see myself finding the string cutting technique useful in a pinch at some point. Stephen’s travel kitchen was second for me. I agree that the improv didn’t turn out as well as hoped, so I’m giving that a draw across the board, but I thought Stephen came up with the most creative improv challenge (poor Carrie!). He gets bonus points for including Dog Chapel and the beautiful art of Stephen Huneck in his slideshow.

Thanks for the COVID relief! It was fun watching all the videos. I’ll be sure to check out the last few pleas, but I don’t think I can be swayed from Stephen as the winner!

[…] example, Greg claimed yesterday that the video for my full English breakfast donut burger needed parental guidance. That was due to […]

[…] The StayCayToFarAway contest has been a blast.  As a reminder, the Frequent Miler team has been competing against each other in a series of four challenges: Destination Cooking, Travel Themed Life Hack, Imitation Travel, and Improv Travel.  For each challenge… contine reading… […]