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a group of men standing on a podium with a trophy and a drawing of a woman

And the #StayCayToFarAway winner is…

Wow, the StayCayToFarAway contest has been fun!  As a reminder, all four Frequent Miler team members have been competing against each other in a...
a drawing of a woman in front of a shirt

When they go low, Carrie goes high – Last chance to vote for Carrie...

While others have taken the low road during this campaign for your #StayCaytoFarAway votes, my integrity demands I go high when they go low....
The secret undercover truth of what the Frequent Miler team doesn't want you to know

The Truth Behind The Frequent Miler Team (AKA #VoteForStephen #SmearCampaign)

Voting has begun for the overall winner of #StayCayToFarAway and the smears have already begun. For example, Greg claimed yesterday that the video for my...
a man flexing his muscles in front of a man's face

Amidst scandal, Greg concedes the #StayCayToFarAway championship

https://youtu.be/hDYusKx1x64 A few weeks ago, I was sure that I'd win the StayCayToFarAway contest in a landslide.  I had just completed my masterpiece video, Return...
a man wearing a hat

Fighting back: fact-checking Pepper’s claims (aka #Vote4Nick #StayCaytoFarAway champ)

Like everybody else, I saw Stephen Pepper's video yesterday and I was shocked. I didn't know what to think about his many slanderous claims...
a man and woman with a monkey on their head

The worst, most cringeworthy, and grossest moments from #StayCayToFarAway

The StayCayToFarAway contest has been a blast.  As a reminder, the Frequent Miler team has been competing against each other in a series of...
a dog standing on a sign

#StayCaytoFarAway Week 4 results + Champions Poll: Voting opens now.

Hot diggety dog! This week has been the tightest race yet in our StayCay to far away challenge. I've been refreshing stats like a madman...
a statue of a dinosaur in the woods

The home stretch: #StayCaytoFarAway Week 4. Pick the weekly winner.

We are officially in the home stretch: the fourth and final week of #StayCaytoFarAway entries are in, and we once again have a week...
a person next to a statue

Carrie’s Dream-like Wedding for the Improv Travel Challenge #StayCaytoFarAway

You have no idea the crazy, dream-like adventure Stephen sent me on with his slideshow of bizarre US attractions from the 5 year, 50...
Truffles Travels

Imitation (Time) Travel With Barky McFly #StayCayToFarAway

Shae and I travel full-time with our dog Truffles and so she comes everywhere with us. Well, almost everywhere. We've never taken her on any of...
a grey shirt on a swinger outside

Welcome to Reyes University. RU Ready? | Travel-themed life hack with Nick | #StayCaytoFarAway

Welcome, class of 2020, to Reyes University, which brings you today's travel-themed life hack with Nick. Ever found yourself walking through an unfamiliar city...
a man in a kitchen taking a picture of food

Everything Bagel Baking! Greg’s Destination Cooking #StayCayToFarAway

Everything Bagels!  Gotta love 'em!  And now, for my Destination Cooking Challenge, I not only loved 'em, but I baked them too! I got the...
a man taking a selfie

StayCay to Far Away Week 3 results: Greg “runs” away with it. Continue voting...

StayCay to Far Away Week 3 is in the books. Greg had a run-away victory this week, but perhaps more surprising (at least to...
a collage of people taking pictures

Streaks of brilliance: Week 3 StayCay to Far Away

StayCay to Far Away is now 75% finished, with all four Week 3 entries posted to YouTube for your edu-joyment. If you missed any...

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