(EXPIRED) RoomiPay: 2% Fee To Pay Rent By Credit Card

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RoomiPay is a new service offered by Roomi which enables you to pay your rent with your credit card.


The Deal

Key Details

  • RoomiPay charges a 2% fee to pay by credit card. This recently updated blog post advises that the first 75 new users to sign up each month will pay no fees. (See below for more details on that though)
  • Payment will be made by check
  • RoomiPay advise to allow up to 7 business days for processing the payment. Delivery can then take up to 5 additional business days.

Quick Thoughts

A 2% fee to pay your rent by credit card is better than many other similar services that charge a 2.5%-3% fee, especially if it’ll help you meet your minimum spend on a new credit card.

As you provide RoomiPay with your landlord’s details and they mail them a check, your landlord doesn’t need to be pre-registered with RoomiPay.

I reached out to RoomiPay to clarify if the first 75 new users each month pay no fees ever or just on the first month’s payment as their blog post didn’t specify. They replied and confirmed that it’s zero fees on the first month’s payment only. They also informed me that they’re planning on making changes to that promotion which will likely involve fewer than 75 new users being offered the first month free.

Given that there are fewer than 12 business days until February 1, it might be too late to initiate an on-time payment. If your rent’s due on the first of each month, it could be worth waiting to register until February 1 to hopefully be one of the first X number of new users next month and thus pay no fees.

Roomi appear to be based in New York, but they might take into account west coast users. That means you may need to wait until 3am ET on February 1 to be classed as one of that month’s first X number of new users.

n.b. I can’t vouch for RoomiPay as I’ve not used the service.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Loved your detailed post about earning miles using Rent Payment.

I recently came across Cirtru Pay and surprisingly they are charging 0% Fees (sounds too good to be true). I found my roommate via Cirtru but we have not tried using Cirtru Pay. Have you heard about them? Is Cirtru Pay legit? And how come they are doing at 0% fees? Wont they be paying something to someone who processes such payments?



Seen any data points for what this purchases codes as for Chase Ink Preferred? I have been using Plastiq for 3x so would rather stick with them even with the 2.5% if this would only code as 1x.


When you follow the link it says 2.5% fee