Rumored new premium business card on the horizon


Greg has long had hopes for an ultra-premium credit card on the business side of Ultimate Rewards. He made his case for why it would just make sense a couple of years ago (See: Still waiting for the Chase Ink Business Reserve). It turns out that it may be on the way after all: rumors are swirling that Chase will launch an ultra-premium “Ink Business Premier” card as soon as later this month. We don’t yet know much (nor even how likely the rumors are to be true), but reporting on this is coming from a couple of corners so it may be worth staying under 5/24 if you’re currently under and tempted to break loose.

Both 10xtravel and Doctor of Credit have reported on a coming new card that will possibly be called the “Chase Ink Business Premier” (gosh I hope that isn’t the real name and that Chase can please reduce abbreviation confusion between the Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Business Preferred, and Chase Ink Business Premier by choosing a word that doesn’t start with “P”. ).

The rough details so far indicate that this may be more like a charge card that must be paid in full with the option to pay some charges over time. That fits along with the rumor that the card will have increased buying power.

Of key importance, the word on the street is that it will not be possible to product change to or from this new card. That being the case, those who are currently under 5/24 may want to prioritize staying under 5/24 since a new card application will presumably be the only path to becoming a cardholder (and we imagine that the Ink Business Premier will presumably only be available to those under Chase’s 5/24 rule).

Chase's 5/24 Rule: With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve your application if you have opened 5 or more cards with any bank in the past 24 months.  This is true for Chase business cards too: you won't be approved if you are over 5/24. That said, if you are under 5/24 and get approved for a Chase business card, that card won't add to your 5/24 count.
To determine your 5/24 status, see: Easy Ways to Count Your 5/24 Status. The easiest option is to track all of your cards for free with Travel Freely.

Again, the rumors are that this card will come live as soon as the end of this month, but it could also be later. We don’t know about the earning structure or welcome bonus, but I would imagine that Chase isn’t going to try to launch a premium product without a competitive offering. I don’t know how long I would hold out waiting for a rumored card to arrive, but on the other hand Doctor of Credit usually picks up on reliable Chase rumors, so I give this one a better than 50-50 chance of being true (note: I have no inside info of my own here, so don’t read into that).

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Thanks for the heads up!


I’m not excited about this. I mean, yes I’m excited about a new SUB but I think this will be the fruition of a prior prediction of mine — a $199 business card with similar earning structure to the current Ink Preferred, big lending features targeting actual businesses, and the process of slowly phasing out the $95 Ink Preferred.


I hear the card is 2x ur and 2.5 for transactions over 5k, but you only get the rewards if you pay in full. Hyatt points from Simon Mall come on innnn. In terms of new product launches and your statement “…but I would imagine that Chase isn’t going to try to launch a premium product without a competitive offering.” I say hyatt business card anyone???


I can’t wait to see the Chase Ink Business Platinum Premier Preferred.

Mike Chicago

you forgot Plus!


And Prestige!


and Performance!


and Palladium!