Save 100% off custom Visa gift card purchase fees from TheGiftCardShop with promo code GRAD2024


TheGiftCardShop is back with another deal on Visa gift cards, although this latest one isn’t as good as the last one as there’s no way to avoid shipping fees.

TheGiftCardShop promo code GRAD2024

The Deal

  • Save 100% on purchase fees of custom Visa gift cards from TheGiftCardShop when using promo code GRAD2024.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires June 1, 2024.

Quick Thoughts

Getting purchase fees waived on Visa gift cards can be a useful deal if you have a good/low cost way to liquidate them. When TheGiftCardShop ran a similar deal recently, it was valid on both Visa and Mastercard gift cards and on both digital and physical cards. This latest deal is only valid on physical Visa gift cards which might not be a bad thing if you have no way to liquidate the eGift card versions. However, it does mean that even though you won’t be charged purchase fees, you will incur shipping fees.

It’s best not to buy these with Amex cards as there have been data points that purchases from Incomm’s websites such as TheGiftCardShop won’t earn points/miles, plus they might code as a cash advance.

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Richard jones

what does this site code as so i will no which card to use to get the most points for the gift card purchases?