Save 100% on purchase fees from with 3 different promo codes

4 is running not one, not two, but three different promotions at the moment, all of which waive purchase fees when buying Mastercard gift cards.

MastercardGiftCarddotcom promo code SUMMER2024

The Deal

  • is giving a 100% discount on purchase fees when buying Mastercard gift cards using the following promo codes:
    • Promo code 100MCGIFT – valid on $50+ physical & digital gift cards
    • Promo code SUNNY2024 – valid on $100+ digital gift cards
    • Promo code SUMMER2024 – valid on $100+ custom gift cards
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires July 31, 2024.
  • Excludes Charity Cards.

Quick Thoughts

As you can see above, there are three different available deals, with each one having its own requirements and features. The best deal is the 100MCGIFT promo code seeing as that has the lowest minimum order requirement and is valid on both physical and digital gift cards.

SUNNY2024 is only valid on digital gift cards, while SUMMER2024 is only valid on custom gift cards which are physical gift cards.

With digital gift cards, waived purchase fees mean that you don’t pay any fees at all. With physical gift cards, you’re still on the hook for shipping fees which can affect the profitability of this deal, although physical cards might be easier for you to liquidate than digital cards.

Don’t buy these with an Amex card because not only will you not earn points/miles/cashback, but you could also be hit with a cash advance fee. I’m not aware of any other bank that does that for, but less us know in the comments if you encounter that with a different bank.

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Sorry what’s the point of this? Is this just to hit a WB?

The Greek Blogger

are these Pathward or Vanilla, how do I liquidate at WM?