Save 20% & Earn Credit Card Rewards On M life Slot Play


Edit: Based on some comments below, it doesn’t look like this method is a sure thing, so be aware that it might not work for you.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to earn credit card rewards when gambling in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, it turns out the answer is – to a certain extent – yes.

Borgata M life

TravelZork has shared the details of how to do this. Not only can you earn credit card rewards, but you can even save up to 20% on your spend.

Before we go any further though, please please please only take advantage of this if you know you’ll be responsible when gambling. A gambling addiction is only going to be compounded when funding it by getting into credit card debt.


The way to do this is by visiting Borgata in Atlantic City. Borgata is part of MGM Resorts and is one of the hotels and casinos that will trigger the MGM Resorts Amex Offer for $60 back or 6,000 Membership Rewards when spending $300.

You can buy Borgata gift cards from the hotel’s front desk which triggers the Amex Offer. (TravelZork notes that the Bell Desk also sells Borgata gift cards, but purchasing from them won’t trigger the Amex Offer.) Those gift cards can then be used to purchase MGM Resorts M life Rewards Slot Play. Seeing as those Slot Play cards are for MGM Resorts rather than for sole use at Borgata, it should also be possible to use them at MGM’s properties in Las Vegas and in their handful of other locations around the US. Edit: Based on Jimbob’s comment below, it looks like the Slot Play cards can only be used at Borgata.

This means you can buy $300 in Slot Play for $240 (or $300 and 6,000 Membership Rewards). What I’m not sure about is how you cash out the Slot Play card if you don’t use up its entire balance. If you’re familiar with how to do that, please let us know in the comments below.

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Just returned from stay at the Borgata. Purchased $300 in gift cards while checking in. Transaction processed as “Borgata gift card” purchase on my AMEX account so did not get the “Spend $300+, get 6,000 Membership Rewards® Points” offer.


Went over the weekend and bought 3 $300 giftcards, 1 for each player using their own Amex with associated linked offer.

Was sure to purchase at front desk and not bell desk. Was handed receipt that looked like hotel charge.

Loaded onto players card and used as free play, winning $130 after playing the $900 through.

It should be noted that only 1 giftcard can be applied per day per player’s card.

Checking my amex online now and the purchases rang up as “Borgata Buffet.” I never got the Amex “thanks for using the offer” trigger email, so I’m doubting I will get the bonus 6k pts per card. Was worth a shot.


I examined my receipt more closely and they say “gift card” and “concierge sale” all over them. Maybe that is similar to a Bell Desk sale. The front desk initially wanted me to buy them from Bell Desk, but I insisted on purchasing them at the front desk.


All 3 reps on 3 purchases did excuse themselves for a minute and go behind the scenes, but I think it was to get the physical gift cards. I wasn’t paying much attention because I figured I was in the clear when I declined their suggestion to go to the concierge for purchase. I think their printouts came from the front desk. I may call Amex to appeal but again the statement charge came through as “Borgata Buffet”. Still worth a shot and I’m happy because it was in playing this $900 that I won $130 plus got 900 MRP.


If you can get a positive expected value from this , by all means I’m in favor of screwing casinos.
It’s interesting to note less than 35% of Vegas casino revenue comes from gaming. I wish this worked in Vegas. I know someone who went to prison in Nevada for screwing casinos by putting nickels into dollar machines that were accepting them. He used to spend all day wandering the strip looking for machines that were screwed up. HINT: This isn’t likely to work except at small casinos these days, and he stupidly decided to go back to the same place more than once.


I see there is some talk about how to “play out” your free play. You have to run it through once, BUT Borgata still has 99%+ Video Poker at the 25cent level. Simplistically this means you can play really good video poker for $1.25 per spin. This is a very low variance game. Your expectation on slot play of $300 would be around $260 to $340 in playing through. But, it gets better, B Bar comps mid-level cocktails while playing; up to around $12.50 a cocktail. So, if you make it a nice early evening you can easily enjoy 3-4 cocktails while “running through” your free play. In addition B-Bar allows smoking, so it is also a great time to enjoy a cigar.

More info here:

Warning: You have to find the 9/6 JoB machines and/or adjust the machine to that game.


Inside the offer on Amex website it says “excludes gift card purchases”. Is there confirmation that you still receive the offer in spite of this?


Dang, going to National Harbor tomorrow- wish I could make this play there. I’ll load the card just in case.


the way i’m reading it on their site,, you redeem them for Slot Dollars, which is specific to Borgata and can’t be used at another MGM property (unless there’s a way to exchange them into Express Comps, which i’m unsure of.)

Page also says SLOT DOLLARS® rewards cannot be redeemed for cash. you’d have to play the $300 in order to be able to cash any of it out. They expire after 90 days.

That said, points you earn while playing are valid at other MLife properties


But only slots? Not table games? zzzzz sknzzz


Borgata rewards are weird. Slot Dollars only work on slots. Express Comps work everywhere. You can choose which you want to redeem your MLife points for.

It’s a mess IMO


Is there a specific reason why it needs to be the Borgata front desk? MGM front desk in Vegas won’t work?

Eric Lipkind

any word if this woks purchasing the gift cards on the borgata website?