ScoreBig Extreme Stacking: How To


Extreme Stacking Logo 2UPDATE 10/14/16: Use Extreme Caution purchasing from ScoreBig!  In October 2016, ScoreBig encountered “an unexpected liquidity crisis” which lead to them ceasing operations temporarily.  Their communication to buyers at that time indicated that “there may be an issue regarding the continued validity of the tickets you purchased”.

Editor’s Note: Anita began researching stacking opportunities with ScoreBig about a month ago.  Since then, we learned that it is possible to both get a great price and earn amazing rewards when buying event tickets from ScoreBig.  Whether you want to buy tickets for sports events, plays, or concerts, we (i.e. Anita) figured out how to save the most money and earn the most rewards in the process.  Unfortunately, the details are extremely complicated. So, in this final post in the series, Anita has spelled out, step by step, how to do it
-Frequent Miler (AKA Greg).

ScoreBig Extreme Stacking:  How To

By Anita, Lab Manager

Event ticket seller ScoreBig offers rewards and bonuses through a variety of portals and partners, offering the tantalizing possibility of triple, quadruple, quintuple, or even sextuple reward stacking.

In the first three posts in the series, we’ve covered ScoreBig’s pricing options and interfaces, how to use the Name A Ticket Price option, and Extreme Stacking options.

Today we’re going to walk you through how to stack rewards with ScoreBig:

  1. Link a credit card to both Shop Your Way Rewards and Fuel Rewards Network.
  2. Shop for tickets
  3. Decide whether to use discount coupons or earn miles
  4. Prime the interface
  5. Find and use the best online portal
  6. Buy your tickets
  7. Pay with the credit card linked to Shop Your Way Rewards and Fuel Rewards Network (in Step 1)

ScoreBig Extreme Stacking

Step 1: Link a credit card

Decide which Visa or MasterCard you’ll be using to pay for tickets. Next link your credit card to each of these:

If you have the Citi AT&T card, it should earn 3X points for online shopping (not yet confirmed).  Also, many Citi ThankYou cards offer 2X for “entertainment”.  There’s a good chance that those cards will earn 2X points for ScoreBig purchases.

Step 2: Shop for your tickets.

If Name A Ticket Price is available for your event in sections you’d be happy with, I highly recommend using that option. You’ll forgo frequent flyer miles, but you’ll probably find that you’ll save more than the miles would be worth.

For many higher priced tickets or for high demand events, Name A Ticket Price tickets aren’t available, so shop ScoreBig’s published prices. Price compare to SeatGeek. ScoreBig, like other resellers, has its share of atrociously overpriced tickets.

To shop published price tickets and see the airline rewards you can earn, use these links:

To shop Name A Ticket Price tickets, or for published price tickets with a coupon instead of miles, either open private browsing or incognito mode and go to, or go to this Ticketmaster page and click on the blue “Name A Ticket Price” link on the bottom left.

Note that the published prices may vary by about a dollar between the different versions of the interface.

Step 3: Decide whether to use a coupon or earn miles

Search online for the best available coupon. If you’re not a first time purchaser, test your coupon before you purchase, as many I found were only good for a first time purchase even though that did not appear in the terms and conditions.

If you’re buying published price tickets, decide if you want to use the coupon or earn miles. The current first time use bonuses from the airlines tip the scale in favor of miles, and you’re probably best off with miles for any very expensive purchase as the largest coupon I’ve seen is for $40 off $400.

If you’re bidding on Name a Ticket Price tickets, you’ll use a coupon since earning miles isn’t possible.

Step 4: Prime the interface

You’ve probably been price comparing on different versions of ScoreBig, and whatever version you used last will be the one that opens when you click through from a portal. (Probably. The many versions of the interface make this process unpredictable, and I’m not certain that the same action will always yield the same results.)

So before going to your cash back portal, open and make sure you see the version you want to use for purchasing.

  • If you are using an airline partner link to shop for published price tickets and earn miles, you should see the airline logo in the top right corner.
  • If you are using a coupon for either published or Name A Ticket Price tickets, you should see the Ticketmaster logo in the top right corner, except…
  • If you accessed ScoreBig through private browsing or incognito mode, you will not see any logo in the top right corner.

If you don’t see the proper version of the interface, clear your browser history and click through the desired ScoreBig link again (found in step 2). That should do it…  I hope. YMMV.

Step 5: Select the best portal option

Use Cash Back Monitor to find the best option.  From your chosen cash back portal, navigate to ScoreBig.

If you primed the interface as described in Step 4, then when you click through to ScoreBig, you should find yourself in the version of ScoreBig you want (e.g. if you want to earn JetBlue miles and you primed the interface correctly, you should see a JetBlue logo when you click through to ScoreBig from a portal).

Step 6: Buy either Published Price or Name A Ticket Price Tickets

Published Price Tickets

Select your tickets and click Buy. On the Order Summary page, enter your frequent flier number. Review and Confirm.

Note that after your first purchase with an airline, your frequent flyer number will be linked to your ScoreBig account. Unfortunately, even though your frequent flyer number is linked to your account, this does not trigger miles earning when you go through non-partner ScoreBig links.

Name A Ticket Price Tickets

Select your tickets, submit your price, and enter mailing address. Enter coupon code on the billing page. Review and submit your bid.

Step 7: Pay with your linked credit card

Review step 1 in which you inked a credit card to both Shop Your Way Rewards and Fuel Rewards.  That’s the credit card you should pay with.

Step 8: Enjoy!


As with most Extreme Stacking adventures, any or all of these rewards could fail to post or be clawed back. However, the risk is minimal if ScoreBig prices are fairly close to other resellers and you’d be buying tickets anyway.

This post was written by Anita, FM Lab Manger.  Anita actively researches new Extreme Stacking possibilities and maintains the Frequent Miler Laboratory page.
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Looks like it worked, thanks!


Thanks for the post!

Have you ever seen this error before from SYWR when trying to link a card?

“We’re sorry, but something went wrong on our end. Please give us two hours and try again. Our apologies for any inconvenience.”

I was able to link other credit cards successfully, so I’m wondering if this is similar to the airlines’ dining program where you can’t link the same card to multiple programs. Problem is, I don’t know what other rewards program (if any) conflicts with SYWR. Do you happen to know?

I’ll try their customer service in any case.



I checked all of my airline dining rewards accounts just in case, but I didn’t see the card on any of them. So there’s no reason I can think of why they shouldn’t let me add this particular card to SYWR.

Anyway, still trying to get CS to help. I’ll post back if I get any useful information.


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Thank you!


So you can use both the SW portal and a cashback portal. I haven’t been able to do that in the past, and I was confused from the above as to how exactly that is done–can you explain that sequence again as to how to get both to credit one’s account.


Thank you Anita for all of your hard work!
I apologize , but I am still confused, can you explain a bit further?
So in the explanation above to Cory, if I wanted to buy published ticket prices, and use the TopCashback portal (for example) to go to scorebig– how am I to navigate to the southwest version of the scorebig interface. (if I already navigated through topcashback). Hopefully my question makes sense.
Thank you again Anita. I have learned so much from you!


Thank you Anita for the further explanation. That makes sense! I will follow your suggestions.


Am I to correctly understand that I will never be allowed to see the location of the seats until after I have paid ??