Sears offering 100% back in SYWR points for multiple items!


Wow, the timing for this couldn’t have been better considering I just published the following:

Sear’s is currently offering multiple items for sale for 100% back in points!


To find these offers:

  • Go to your favorite portal for Sears.  Discover is currently offering 5%.  Alaska is offering 4 miles per dollar. 
  • Click through to Sears.
  • Log into your Sears SYWR (Shop Your Way Rewards) account and go to the Member Exclusives page (found under “Deals”).
  • Look for 100% back in points.
  • When you add items to your shopping cart, make sure that the shopping cart page indicates that you’ll earn the same amount in points as the total price. If you add an item sold by a merchant other than Sears you probably won’t get 100% back in points.  If so, remove that item, and try a different one.
  • Apply coupons, if you have any good ones
  • Ideally pay with a Sears/Kmart gift card that you obtained through a portal or at a discount

Why do we care about these offers?

Please see: Roll gift cards into points for triple rewards

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Fantastic timing for me – I’m about to cough up for a new car battery, and now I can buy this stuff and just recycle the points into something I have to buy right away. I do take quite a bit of pleasure from paying for my car repairs at Sears Auto with reward points 😀