Shop Your Way gift card redemptions working again


Update 11/15/20: Transfers from Citi to Shop Your Way no longer have 20% bonus. Point transfers from Citi are no longer recommended.

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UPDATE: Gift card redemptions are working again (as of 9/1/2020)

See these posts for details about redeeming Shop Your Way points for gift cards:

August 28th, we reported that gift card redemptions were not working.  This is no longer true, but I’ve kept the original post intact:

If you were thinking about transferring Citi ThankYou points to Sears Shop Your Way points to take advantage of the opportunity to redeem them for gift cards, you’ll want to hold off on that for the moment. According to multiple reports from readers and then a test from Greg, gift card redemptions are not currently working.

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Reader Lois and reader Mike brought this to our attention earlier this evening and then Greg went to test gift card redemption and realized that it is not working.

As Greg advises in the comments on his post about Maximizing value from Shop Your Way gift cards, I do not recommend trying to redeem for gift cards until this is fixed. At this point, we assume this will be a temporary issue, but with no way to reach Shop Your Way and the system generating error messages, it makes the most sense to hold off until we have positive reports to share.

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