How to setup the Altitude Reserve as your default Apple Pay card


Here’s a quick tutorial for setting up the Altitude Reserve Card with Apple Pay.  Since the card offers 3 points per dollar for mobile wallet payments, you’ll want it to be your default card…

1. Add Altitude Reserve to your iPhone Wallet

If your iPhone supports Apple Pay, then the Wallet app will be on your phone already.  Find Wallet and open it (saying “Hey Siri, open Wallet” should do the trick).  Then click the plus symbol in the top right corner to add a credit card to your Wallet.

Apple Pay Add Card

The Altitude card has it’s numbers on the back, so don’t scan the front like shown here (i.e. flip it over!)

Apple Pay Add Card 2

2. Make the Altitude your default card

After adding the Altitude card to your wallet, go to your phone’s Settings (“Hey Siri, open Settings”), then scroll down and select “Wallet & Apple Pay”:

default Apple Pay card: Apple Pay Settings Wallet and Apple Pay

Within Wallet & Apple Pay settings, scroll down and select “Default Card”.  Select the Altitude Reserve as your default card.

default Apple Pay card: Apple Pay Settings Set Default Card

That’s it.  Now when you pay with Apple Pay, the Altitude Reserve will be your default payment card.  Any questions?

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This is helpful information. Thanks for posting it.


I still don’t understand why this needed an entire post.

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