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Sixt is offering customers the opportunity to match airline and hotel elite status to elite status in their car rental program. I believe this match has been around for quite a while, but You Have Been Upgraded recently reported it and it’s worth a mention for anyone with upcoming Sixt rentals. Ironically enough, I’m picking up a Sixt rental car today — we’ll see if my Platinum status gets me an upgrade :-).

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The Deal

Key Terms

  • Note that airline programs include American Airlines, Delta, and many foreign programs and hotel partners include Marriott, Best Western, and Accor Live Limitless but not many other programs that readers are likely to have status with (YMMV)
  • See landing page for full terms

Quick Thoughts

Sixt is more popular in Europe than in the US, but it is nonetheless available in a number of countries and cities. I’m picking up a car today in the Caribbean and Sixt was my best option, so I was excited to finally take my Sixt Platinum status for a spin (I’ve had status with Sixt for years from some sort of previous match that has stuck despite the fact that I rarely rent from Sixt).

Many people report Sixt to have nice upgrades to premium cars in at least some circumstances, though in my limited experiences with Sixt I have not experienced that. Still, matching here is pretty painless — and since you can match to Sixt Platinum from statuses that are within reach for many readers, like Marriott Platinum or higher, Delta Gold or higher, or American Airlines Platinum or higher, it should be easy for many to get status here.

Keep in mind that Sixt is not matching to its highest tier here (and to my knowledge has not typically matched to a higher tier than Platinum in the past). Still, this could be worth it if you’re renting from Sixt.

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