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We wrote this morning about the newly-improved Bilt Rewards Mastercard. It is now possible to earn 1x on rent payments by making just 5 credit card purchases per month and cardholders can now earn 2x on travel and 3x on dining when making those 5 purchases per month. More details about that can be found here: Re-Bilt: rent rewards card makes big improvements. In that post, I noted that Bilt still has a waitlist for the card. However, Frequent Miler readers can skip the wait with code FM4BILT.

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To apply for the Bilt Rewards Mastercard, you first need to join the waitlist at After entering your email, it will ask for your name and address. Then, on the page seen above, it will ask if you have an early access code. Enter FM4BILT in the early access code field and then submit.

You’ll then immediately receive an email with a link to sign up for a Bilt account which will take you to the credit card application once you’ve set up a password. The process is quite simple and intuitive.

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As I noted in this morning’s post, the Bilt Rewards Mastercard isn’t necessarily for everyone, but for those who are paying rent without earning rewards this seems like a near no-brainer since you’ll earn 1x on rent with minimal activity necessary on the credit card.

Obviously this is a new credit card account, so expect it to count against 5/24. I wouldn’t recommend sacrificing a 5/24 slot if you would otherwise be signing up for Chase cards. In terms of a welcome bonus, the Bilt card offers 2x on all purchases for the first 30 days. That’s a relatively weak new card bonus — there are some much more rewarding new card bonuses available in the current environment. However, if you are looking for a way to earn rewards for paying your rent and like the idea of transferable points with no annual fee, this card could certainly make sense. For more about the card and its latest enhancements, see this morning’s post: Re-Bilt: rent rewards card makes big improvements.

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code not working anymore… new code??

Luke McKenzie

Not available in the state of North Dakota.


It’s rather odd that multiple blog in this category are pumping out Bilt‘s marketing message at the same time, without being compensated.

Jeffrey Chow

My rent for the year exceeds $50,000, is there any option to get points going over $50,000? Can I setup 2 accounts, one for my personal rent and one for my office? Thank you.

Jeffrey Chow

Got it. Thank you. Any news if they will increase the $50,000 cap?


Can I use it in Puerto Rico?

Brian Cogswell

Thank you guys. Used your link and am approved and up and running already! Excited to have an easy way to earn point on rent, which I have not previously been able to do…


Can you use this to pay mortgage then?

Luke McKenzie

Wouldn’t you still pay something like a 2.5% fee for paying rent with a credit card? Doesn’t make sense unless you have no credit card fees when paying rent. I can pay rent on any 2% back card and get a better return it seems.


The idea with Bilt is that you won’t pay fees on rent payments and it will actually prevent you from making a payment through landlord portals if it would trigger a fee.


How can I find out if my landlord is supported by their app before signing up for the card?