Targeted SPG Promo: Free Nights or Bonus Points for Hotel Stays


spg targeted promo

SPG has a new targeted promotion for some of their members. Offers seem to vary by account and some accounts don’t have any offers. For example, none of my family’s three accounts have an available offer.

Among the offers I have seen reported by others are:

How to Check

To check if your account is eligible for a targeted offer from SPG, simply visit this link and enter your account number.

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error link for DW


Anyone else?

mine was similar but “not eligible”


Got the free nights offer.

Checking out if a mattress run makes sense. How can you do it without actually showing up with SPG? i.e. Book two separate rooms for the same night at a Cat 1 or 2 for $70 per room ?


I received a “tiered” offer:
1,500 points after first stay
2,500 points after second stay
3,500 points after third stay
7,500 points total


4000 pts after 4 stays max 12000 pts after 12 stays. 4 8 12

Ivan Y

Same as Bryce.

FYI, apparently extra nights won’t count towards lifetime status and status obtained through those nights/stays without meeting regular requirements won’t counts toward ___ years Gold/Platinum. I don’t know that it’s a problem given Marriott merger though.


Double elite qualifying nights and stays here. Nothing for my wife.


Damn, nothing for wife and I.