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staples amex offer

American Express has released a new targeted Amex Offer for As of now this offer is only available on the American Express website and seems to be highly targeted. I didn’t find it on any of my cards, but hopefully you will have better luck.

The Offer

Get a one-time $25 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $100+ in one or more transactions online at by 6/19/2016.

Key Terms

  • Valid online only.
  • Valid only on US website. Not valid in-store.
  • If you order an item during the offer period but it is not provided until after 6/19/2016, it may not count towards determining whether the purchase qualifies for the offer.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US.
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases. Not valid for gift cards in bulk purchases.
  • Offer not valid on online orders that are placed in-store through sales associate. Excludes Quill, Smilemaker, Staples Business Advantage, Staples 4 Government, Staples Toner Services, Staples Technology Solutions, Staples Promotional Products, Staples Print Solutions (same as Staples Easy Print), Copy and Printing Services, Staples Contract and Commercial, Staples App Center, Staples Industrial, Staples Book Rental, Staples Simplexity, Staples Share fund, and Coastwide Labs.


Please see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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[…] Targeted Amex Offer – $25 off $100+ at […]

[…] Targeted Amex Offer – $25 off $100+ at […]

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[…] breakfast when my iPhone started bleeping.  Shawn had just published a Frequent Miler Quick Deal: Targeted Amex Offer – $25 off $100+ at  Awesome!  I ran over to my laptop to see if any of my Amex cards had received this targeted […]

Vincent Fox

Did 1 AmEx purchase so far on Quickly go the email. Note the ending:

“Look out for a $25.00 statement credit, which will automatically be applied to your statement if your purchase meets the offer terms.”

So… fingers crossed about the eGC part.

Vincent Fox

Safeway eGC sold on Awesome savings!

[…] OK, one awesome offer isn’t enough to get too excited about, but it is a great one. Hopefully you were targeted.  And, hopefully this is a sign of more to come.  Read more here: Targeted Amex Offer – $25 off $100+ at […]


whats the best way to use this deal to buy visa cards? The 200 and 100 dollar cards are the same 6.95 fee. Please help me maximize…Thanks

Greg The Frequent Miler

You’ll get a much bigger % discount by buying $100 Visa gift cards. The only reason I can think of to get the $200 or $300 cards is if you want to increase spend on your Amex card.


I suppose a lot of folks will just convert those Visa gift cards into money orders. If you’re doing that, I guess it doesn’t make much difference if the gift card is $100 or $200. AMEX cards tend not to have great spending bonuses. Like if there was a general 2% AMEX card, I’d buy the $200 GCs if I was turning them into money orders. But at 1% rewards, it seems easier to just buy the $100s.

Nevermind, answered my own question. Yes.

Finally, I get a good one. 5/5, thanks for the heads-up. Quick question, are Staples VGCs pin-able?


3 for 3–thanks for posting!


FYI, if you order a physical Ebay GC they will charge you tax. And it’s not just the checkout glitch, the email and my Amex pending all show the amount including tax. I chatted with Staples and they say they will refund tax, but who knows.

If the eGCs work I’ll just go that route.


Why not buy a $300 Visa and use 3 Amex cards to pay $100 each? You have to call to do this.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Have you ever done this? Does it show up as a order?


Yes, once I split payment between 2 credit cards. I wouldn’t think calling in to split tender would affect the “online” aspect, since it’s not “in store”, but YMMV.


Not sure if that will qualify for the offer though since it says online only.

On a side not, just got the offer on all my accounts except for SPG Business (just opened over 2 weeks ago though).

Greg The Frequent Miler

I tried a phone order, but it didn’t work. It showed up as Staples Direct on my Amex account rather than


Official terms exclude egift cards. But on your other blog, somebody reports buying a Target egift card and getting the “thank you for using your AMEX offer” email.” Any history on this?

Also, I see that typically charges a $1.99 service fee to buy physical third-party gift cards. That’s certainly some incentive to buy the electronic ones — if they will trigger the AMEX offer.

Greg The Frequent Miler

The offer does work on e-gift cards (despite the terms) just not on Staples’ own e-gift cards because those are sold by Cashstar. As long as the URL still says “” when you check out (and you spend $100 or more), the offer will work


My family was 12 for 12. Thanks Shawn!


Any portals still payout on 3rd party GC at staples?

Greg The Frequent Miler


Greg The Frequent Miler

Between me, my wife, and our son (auth user card) we got the offer on all 18 cards. 1800Flowers deal ($15 off $50) was also found on all cards FYI. It’s a good deal for buying 1800Flowers gift cards:
1. Go through portal for 20% back (TopCashBack currently)
2. Buy $50 gift card
3. Get back $10 from portal + $15 from Amex (+ $2.50 from Amex if you use a business card)
4. = 50% off gift cards


Interesting opportunities, thanks.

With the Staples offer, unless you actually need $100 office supplies, I assume the best thing to do with this is buy merchant gift cards that you would otherwise need for 25% off? I can’t see how it makes much sense to buy Visa gift cards, because Staples’ fee on the $100s is so high, and it would be quite a nuisance to get rid of them these days.

I’m also confused about the 1800Flowers offer. That’s only useful if you actually want flowers, right? I can’t do anything else with 1800Flowers gift cards?

Nancy Hiatt

Yes, I am wondering about the same thing, because the flowers are SO expensive!


As I think about this some more, I guess the $100 Visa GCs might make sense if you found an agreeable Walmart service desk and didn’t try to buy too many money orders. There’s a 4-swipe limit at Walmart, right? So, in theory, if you have this Staples offer on 4 of your cards, you could buy 4 $100 gift cards for $300, and then pay the $28 in card fees. That would leave you with almost $72 in profit for fairly easy work (a few keystrokes and a Walmart and bank visit). Buying needed third part gift cards would seem more lucrative — especially if still pays cashback on these (it does, right?) Would the AMEX offer work on egift cards, or would they need to be physical gift cards?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, I plan to use it to buy merchant gift cards: Ideally for actually use. For example, we shop occasionally at Whole Foods, so we can definitely use a bunch of those.

The offer does work on e-gift cards (despite the terms) just not on Staples’ own e-gift cards because those are sold by Cashstar.

Visa gift cards can still be a great deal if you have an easy way to liquidate, even for a fee. Example: pay $106.95 for $100 Visa, get $25 back. Then perhaps liquidate for 3% fee ($3), so get $97 back. Total earned = $25 + $97 – $107 = $15


not just flowers; believe they also have gift baskets & foods

For ideas about how to make use of discounted 1800Flowers gift cards, please see the Extreme Stacking page:


Thanks. While loading the Staples offer to my credit cards, I also loaded the 1800Flowers offer. That one’s definitely a lot more convoluted, but I can see how it could be lucrative — if one is willing to put in the effort. No need to decide that now, of course — once it’s loaded I think you get 3 months to use it.

With the Staples offer, I see that you can’t get cashback credit for buying third party gift cards, so you’re just going to get the 25% off. Ebay electronic gift cards seem like the most logical card to buy, since you can then take these to the ebay site and buy many more different types of gift cards, often getting an additional discount there for your effort.


Just checked TopCashBack, it shows only 3% for staples?


I’ve found that 1800flowers charges tax on gift cards in the past. I’ve heard that you can get it refunded since it’s not supposed to be charged, but I never went through the hassle for $50 orders.


Thanks, got it on all my cards.
SPG bus and personal

Laura R

I had it on 2 of our 4 cards. (Just now) Both being the Everyday card.
My SPG biz card and Hilton Surpass did not have the offer.


from from 10 accounts, only found on business green


I had it on all my cards and I’m not usually a big spender on any of them, especially in the office supply department.


SPG Business, AMEX Premier Rewards, HHonors


Also had it on every one of mine and my wife’s cards, just now.


Out of the 4 cars I have, only got it on my business delta card


I had it on all my cards as did my wife. Maybe it is gone?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Still alive for many